Bonita Thompson

Bonita Thompson

Award Winning Business Leader and NYT Bestselling Author

About Bonita Thompson

Bonita Thompson is the 2019 Business Leader of the Year, Harvard Club NYC (GC4W) Global Connections for Women--awarded for her Leadership Innovation and Workforce Reinvention at Bank of America, Levi Strauss, Genentech, Virgin Unite, Varian, Pacific Telesis and The World Bank. Bonita motivates and accelerates growth and change with her first-person professional experience as a global executive. Her books and keynotes inspire audiences with emotional storytelling that engage people to embrace ...

I always knew that Bonita was a highly regarded executive coach, an effective teacher and a renowned HR expert. I didn't realize until I saw her speak what a riveting presence she is on stage. She's eloquent, persuasive, a great story teller (as she accepted the 2019 Business Leader of the Year Award at Harvard Club NYC.) Within minutes, she had the audience in the palm of her hand. It was impressive.

Eric Schurenberg, CEO - INC and FastCompany Magazines

Bonita reveals powerful strategies from her research (in her New York Times Bestselling book, Admired: 21 Ways to Double Your Value) that will help you make it happen.

Sir Richard Branson - Virgin

"Bonita is a great public speaker with a great history of HR accomplishments. Her interviews (at the Harvard Club Leadership Awards) also struck just the right tone and frankly, she made the evening.

Dr. Jim Kim, MD/PhD, Vice Chair, GIP & fmr CEO - The World Bank

Bonita's insights inspire leaders to focus on what's valuable and matters most.

John Maxwell

Bonita shows you how to "find 21 simple powerful strategies that will make you more valuable in a competitive world

Marshall Goldsmith
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