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Elliot Eisenberg Speech Topics

The Economic Forecast
In this always entertaining and very informative presentation on the economy that frequently begins with a fun and fast moving “top ten list” Dr. Eisenberg discusses how GDP will perform, what interest rates will do, how the labor market will behave, how much firms will spend, how the residential...
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The Economy and the Housing Market
This talk begins by reviewing the health of the national economy and the national housiaDSC_0628ng market so as to better put into context local economic conditions. Dr. Eisenberg first discusses GDP, inflation, employment, wages, interest rates and then moves on to housing prices, mortgage...
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The Economic and Energy Forecast
Attend this entertaining and informative presentation on the economy and energy. 2014_WA_Housing_Conf_Elliot Eisenberg-3-3166x2097Dr. Eisenberg begins this talk by looking at how GDP growth will perform, what interest rates will do, and how wages, labor markets and other economic variables are...
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Economic Impact of Home Building
This talk shows how much income, how many jobs and how much tax revenue is produced by building new homes in your community. Elliot focuses on the effect of the construction activity, the revenue multiplier that occurs when income earned DSC_0654during construction is spent in the local economy,...
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The Unintended Consequences of Government Regulation
This absolutely hilarious presentation teaches audience members why, government intervention is generally a bad idea. It may be a new CFPB requirement, a new building code requirement, higher capital levels for financial institutions, a rise in the minimum wage, or something completely different....
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