Trevor Muir

Trevor Muir, 21st Century Learning & Technology, Teacher Motivation, Exclusive Premiere, Story Epic Classroom, Teacher, storytelling Trevor Muir, 21st Century Learning & Technology, Teacher Motivation, Exclusive Premiere, Story Epic Classroom, Teacher, storytelling

Trevor Muir Speech Topics

The Purposeful Educator

A strong why allows us to withstand any how. This keynote explores how having and articulating a greater underlying purpose to work inspires deeper engagement and more joy in the process, for students and educators. Using research and storytelling, Trevor helps educators understand how embedding...

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Stop Calling Them Soft Skills

A recent US survey shows that the main reason people are fired from their jobs is that they lack soft skills: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, adaptability, and confidence. Trevor equips teachers to craft learning experiences so that students develop these critical skills while...

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Connecting with Every Student

Some students are written off as “bad kids” or “too far gone.” School and home experiences have made them difficult to reach and teach. However, by learning their stories, building trust, and engaging them authentically in the classroom, connections can be made and futures can be changed. With...

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Creating A Collaborative Classroom

Trevor inspires and equips educators with actionable ideas and proven best practices to facilitate successful collaboration. Authenticity and trust are the heart of strong student teamwork. When students are engaged in meaningful, relevant group work, collaboration is no longer a struggle but...

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Purposeful Technology to Create Authentic Learning

Authentic learning leads to deeper learning. When used with intentionality, technology can help enhance authenticity and give tangible purpose to student work. This session is about how certain technologies can be used to enhance authenticity in the classroom, assist students in meaningful work,...

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Service Learning in Every Classroom

Research shows that service learning has a dynamic impact on students’ social, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive development. Essentially, acts of service should be a crucial part of every classroom. In this keynote, Trevor shares how to design service-based learning experiences in any content...

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Epic Class Discussions
In this workshop, Trevor teaches how to make discussion a bedrock of learning. As your students learn essential conversation skills, their academic performance increases as well. Whether a kindergarten or 12th grade teacher, a math or English teacher, participants will be...

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Make Learning Epic

Purpose is a powerful motivator, for educators and their students. Using the power of storytelling, brain science, and authentic learning, Trevor shares inspirational stories and researched-based strategies to help teachers achieve true student engagement. Educators leave with proven practices to...

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