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Doug Stevenson

Doug Stevenson is a storytelling in business speaker, trainer and coach. He is the author of the book, Doug Stevenson's Story Theater Method. He has created training programs for leadership, sales, and marketing teams as well as train-the-trainer programs. Doug was one of the first practitioners of corporate storytelling skills and has taught his methodology in 18 countries. He teaches leaders, marketers, salespeople and trainers how to create and present customized stories that make their content come alive. He is also a
highly regarded speaking coach who works with executives, salespeople, entrepreneurs and organizations to write, brand and deliver customized speeches and training. Some of his clients include, Microsoft, Coca Cola, Verizon, Pfizer, Lockheed Martin, Deloitte, Google, US Bank, Amgen, Blue Cross Blue Shield and The Association of Financial Planners Association.

Doug Stevenson
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Doug Stevenson
Featured Keynote Programs

Aikido Selling

Sell It with a Story

Facts fade - data gets dumped – but stories persuade. This is a keynote or workshop that illustrates how to use strategically chosen and crafted stories in a sales conversation or presentation. If your salespeople are guilty of showing up and throwing because they default to facts and data without making an emotional connection, Aikido Selling is the answer. Aikido is a martial art defined as “the way of blending energy.” Never again will your people overcome objections with facts and data alone. There is a better way, the Aikido Selling way.

1. Make an Emotional Connection
2. Open with a Story – Close with the Data
3. Find Your Yoda
4. Pick One Point
5. Use Dialogue
6. Create Story Surrogates
7. Be Unforgettable

Lead, Engage and Persuade with a Story

Leadership Keynote

This entertaining and instructional keynote or workshop helps leaders understand why stories are an effective leadership strategy and how they can be used to make an emotional connection with employees, stakeholders and customers. Doug shares Seven Story Rules for choosing, crafting and delivering powerful stories. In addition, he illustrates how you can embed data in a story. Emotion is the fast lane to the brain. When you master the craft of storytelling, you leave a lasting and positive impression each time you speak. Never be boring again. Here are the Seven Story Rules:

1. Be Strategic
2. Pick One Point
3. Find a Yoda
4. Sell It with a Story
5. Make an Emotional Connection
6. Stick the Landing
7. Be Unforgettable

Doug Stevenson
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