Tami Evans | Employee Engagement and Leadership Expert

Tami Evans

Employee Engagement and Leadership Expert

Tami Evans

With focus on a variety of topics around Leadership, employee engagement, client connection, and culture strategy with a direct link back to retention, productivity and profitability, Tami's presentations are content-rich, interactive and filled with her relatable and relevant humor. She believes if they are laughing they are listening, and if they are listening they are learning.

Engaging, entertaining and energizing, Tami Evans creates an unforgettable experience for audiences. Her "use it now" content has helped ignite positive workplaces for exceptional organizations including Microsoft, Ratheon, Dun & Bradstreet, Dove Chocolate, The New York Times, Nissan, The Gap, Kellogs, Coldwell Banker and The American Heart Association.

Formerly the president of the National Speakers Association of NYC, Evans has also worked as a corporate manager, university professor, communications specialist, as well as such diverse career experience as a fashion designer and professional actress. She also holds a Masters of Fine Arts, and BAA degrees in Broadcasting Communications and Theatre.

Evans celebrates and motivates participants, engages and empowers employees, creates communication cohesion, boosts confidence, and busts stress. Every keynote is highly customized to the attendees, contains humor based storytelling, clean and captivating visuals, videos and music and powerful tools to improve both professional and personal lives.
Her popular presentations enhance leadership skills, communication, empowerment, and how to have a lot more fun doing it all.

Tami Evans
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Tami Evans
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Lighten Up and Lead
Leverage levity to boost client confidence and employee engagement

A happy workplace is imperative to success, but how do you remain positive AND professional? Laugh and learn key characteristics to create levity in the worker, workforce and workplace, with tools that help you reach your personal and professional potential through the power of fun. Connection creates culture and culture creates employee engagement - and the fastest way to connect is through levity. Engagement empowers employees to collaborate through challenges, create innovative solutions, and communicate confidently. Not to mention the bump to your bottom line!

Half Full Of It
Activating Optimism and Other Hard-Core Soft-Skills

Are you or your team a bit rusty on relationship skills, a little crunchy on communication concepts and pooped-out on positivity? Soft skills are the new black and if you want to make the most of your personal and professional life, you had better know how to wear them!
During this entertaining and interactive program, participants will discover the following Hard-Core Soft-Skills; Motivation, Communication, Relationships, Self-Confidence & Optimism.
Participants will walk away with tools to help increase engagement, create communication cohesion, and elevate self-confidence, for leadership and life.
Tami Evans will help you laugh your glass half full, and set you on a renewed path for a happier, healthier and more productive journey!

Rules for Travel on Life’s Great Adventure
Making the Most of Your Personal and Professional Journey

We are travelers! Life is an adventure; we are all on a journey every day, and often we are expected to know where we are going, how to get there, and even to help guide others.
Tami Evans introduces the “Rules of Travel: Pack Well, Don’t Get Lost, Be A Good Tourist, and Enjoy the Ride!” This fun and functional program covers organization skills, communication and conflict resolution, goal setting and tools to lighten up and enjoy the ride! Join Tami for tools and ideas to help you be the best “tourist” you can be on life’s adventure, while also making the most of your own personal journey!

Tami Evans
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