Steve Donahue | Bestselling Author, Change Guru, Story Expert, Sahara Adventurer

Steve Donahue

Bestselling Author, Change Guru, Story Expert, Sahara Adventurer

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Steve Donahue

Steve Donahue is a top change guru, storytelling speaker and the bestselling author of Shifting Sands. His keynotes feature gripping tales from his odyssey across the Sahara Desert. Steve guides leaders to succeed on the shifting terrain of a changing world with tools that harness disruption, inspire transformation and drive engagement. 

Steve is the founder and CEO of Storyglu, a coaching and ghostwriting firm that helps leaders and authors create stories that stick. He works with organizations on the level of deep narrative change to unleash untapped potential to thrive in a time of transition. 

A spellbinding storyteller with a stand-up comedian’s timing, Steve is a “triple threat” keynote speaker with presentations that are equal parts entertaining, interactive and inspiring. He has worked with over 1,000 organizations on 4 continents including many of the Fortune 50. Steve’s next book, Tell YOUR Epic Story, will be released in 2023.

Steve Donahue
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Steve Donahue
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Tell Your Epic Story

Steve Donahue shares the harrowing tale of his odyssey across the Sahara Desert to help leaders script their own incredible story of change. He reveals how the 5 Key Components® of a classic epic story can inspire you to achieve the impossible in a world of disruption. Our biggest challenges today require heroic imagination and this powerful narrative blueprint will carry you well beyond your perceived capabilities. 

Whoever Tells The Best Story Wins

Every company competes for hearts and minds. Whether you want to boost brand loyalty or become an employer of choice, others are targeting the same audience as you. Your advantage is your story and the best one always wins. Learn how the emerging field of Narrative Intelligence can help you engage top talent, attract better customers and sustain employee enthusiasm in a time of challenge and change.

Build A Storied Team on Shifting Sands

Remote work, talent turnover, generational disconnect - how do teams bond today? The answer is Storyglu®. Pioneered by narrative guru Steve Donahue, this revolutionary method creates collective success by immersing everyone in a cohesive story. Strengthen connection and elevate commitment to a shared purpose by creating a narrative identity that helps teams embrace change and triumph together.

Steve Donahue
Featured Books

Follow Your Compass: And Find Your Life's True Directionby Steve Donahue

Follow Your Compass: And Find Your Life's True Direction

by Steve Donahue

FOLLOW YOUR COMPASS will take you on an extraordinary journey to discover your life's true direction. You will learn how to identify, interpret and ultimately be guided by the magnetic forces of your unique talents, desires and destiny. The fascinating story of sea turtles and their epic voyages will inspire your own odyssey to navigate a life of purpose, meaning and impact. Break free of the maps that hold you back and follow the compass that will point you in the direction of the life you were meant to live.

Shifting Sands: A Guidebook for Crossing the Deserts of Change by Donahue, Steveby Steve Donahue

Shifting Sands: A Guidebook for Crossing the Deserts of Change by Donahue, Steve

by Steve Donahue
The author uses his personal story of a journey across the Sahara Desert as a metaphor for the spiritual walk, discussing the role of "transition" in life and sharing insights about how to cross boundaries and let go gracefully. Original.

Steve Donahue
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Steve Donahue
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