Porter Knight | Productivity Expert - Empowering Busy Professionals to Achieve More with Less Stress

Porter Knight

Productivity Expert - Empowering Busy Professionals to Achieve More with Less Stress

Porter Knight

Porter is a dynamic and popular presenter, life-changing consultant, and author of the book: Organized to Last: 5 Simple Steps to Staying Organized. 

An expert in productivity, Porter teaches far more than “time management.” She will empower you by explaining the neuroscience of decision-making. You’ll learn what the brain needs to perform well, how to care for the brain so it can function effectively, how to manage workflow to maximize brain function, and how all this impacts well-being & happiness.

Porter Knight delivers top quality content and performance your group will remember for years to come. Her dynamic style connects with audiences, who walk away with practical skills they can put to use immediately, and much needed perspective.

Porter lives in Bristol, Vermont where she coordinates a monthly Social Justice Discussion group, created and manages the Bristol Trail Network, and founded the giving circle 100+ Women Who Care, Addison County. Porter is an avid reader and has been in the same book group for over 2 decades. Most of the time, though, Porter can be found outside: she is a committed equestrian, dog lover, and hiker (Vermont Long Trail end-to-end 2021).

Porter Knight
Featured Keynote Programs

Mental Focus in the Workplace

The hours in a day are finite yet the demands on your time seem limitless. It’s hard to effectively get your work done when you’re pulled in so many different directions, and COVID has made it even harder. But by understanding the ways your brain can work for or against you, you can train yourself to keep your brain in the game even in stressful circumstances. This workshop will show you how to improve and protect your mental focus.

Secrets of Time Management & Getting Organized

The secrets of time management are rooted in the neuroscience of performance. You don’t have to be “disciplined” to be organized. You need simple systems that recognize how your brain works. In this session we’ll explore why certain list and calendar tricks are effective, and how you can use them to your advantage in any work setting. You’ll also learn key strategies to stay on top of email, how to keep track of your commitments and get work done on time, and how to communicate your capacity to others. This workshop will put you back in charge of your day so you can get organized, be effective, and focus on what’s important.

Productive Communications

Getting results is what matters. But productive communications is more than getting people to do what you want – it’s a two-way street that requires thought and skill. We’ll define productive communications and look at how to develop your skills to be more effective. You’ll learn tips to improve your personal productivity including knowing how much to take on, how to communicate your tasks and priorities to others, how to manage expectations, and how to maintain mental focus in the face of conflict.

Effective & Efficient Meetings

Meetings are critical to dynamic, collaborative interactions, and yet for many people they are a dreaded part of the day. Too many meetings and inefficient meetings are cited as top reasons why employees aren’t accomplishing their goals. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You’ll learn how to avoid meetings when you can and make them productive when you can’t, how to be the most trustworthy meeting participant around, tips for effective meeting format and structure, how get the right people in the room, and how to ensure that they are fully engaged.

Porter Knight
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