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Jason Lauritsen

Employee Engagement Expert, Corporate Executive Gone Rogue and Keynote Speaker

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Jason Lauritsen

Jason Lauritsen is a keynote speaker, author, and consultant who will challenge you to think differently. He is an employee engagement and performance management expert who passionately believes that work can and should be a fulfilling experience for every employee.
Jason uses a blend of research, practical experience, and storytelling to empower managers to have a more positive impact on their people.

As both a former corporate executive and entrepreneur, Jason has always been dedicated to creating organizations that are good for both people and profits.

Jason also led the research team for Quantum Workplace's Best Places to Work program for three years. There, he studied the employee experience at thousands of companies to understand what the best workplaces in the world do differently than the rest to engage their employees.

Jason is the author of the books Unlocking High Performance: How to use performance management to engage and empower employees to reach their full potential and Social Gravity: Harnessing the Natural Laws of Relationships.

Jason Lauritsen
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Jason Lauritsen
Featured Keynote Programs

The True Path to Employee Engagement

This impactful keynote inspires your audience to transform how they lead by helping them to
understand one fundamental truth:

We ALL experience work like a relationship.

That means we crave the same things from work that we do ANY important relationship in
our lives: acceptance, appreciation, and commitment.Through this eye-opening talk, Jason delivers an experience that helps leaders put an end to any outdated ways of managing people, so they can instead liberate employees to deliver their best.
This keynote is ideal for audience what are:

  • Struggling to engage employees
  •  Seeking to create more fulfilling experiences for people at work
  • Ready to unlock the full potential of those they lead

Your audience will leave with:

  • A better understanding of what it take to keep people engaged
  • Deep insights into how to get the best out of their people
  • A new outlook on leadership

How to Engage and Retain Top Talent

The Check-In Method presented in this keynote empowers audiences to self-assess their
relationships with those they lead. In doing so, they learn to turn opportunities for
connection into the support employees need to be happy, effective, and productive.

The Check-In Method helps audiences become the leaders people want.

By learning this fail-proof formula to strengthen their relationships with individuals and
teams, each attendee uncovers the secret to dramatically improving retention, performance, and engagement.

This keynote is ideal for audiences who are:

  •  Struggling to engage in challenging conversations with those they lead
  • Seeking to elevate employee performance
  • Wanting to solve the challenge of employee retention

Your audience will leave with:

  •  A process to help them immediately improve how they relate to people on their teams
  • An understanding of what it takes to inspire peoples’ best work
  •  An approach to leading other that ensures retention and performance

Social Gravity
Unleashing The Power of Relationships

We’ve heard it our whole lives, “It’s not what you know, but WHO you know that matters.”
In this dynamic keynote, Jason teaches audiences how they can make a bigger impact, move their organizations forward, and fuel their success by leveraging the profound power of relationships.

Jason shares the Six Laws of Social Gravity and invites audiences as a roadmap to help
attendees transform their careers, businesses, and lives for the better.
This keynote is ideal for audiences who are:

  • Seeking to understand how they can achieve greater personal and business success with more ease
  • Grappling with a lack of purpose or belonging at work
  • Wanting to build a network that contributes to their success, happiness, and wellbeing

Your Audience will leave with:

  • The 6 Laws of Social Gravity, and how they relate to their success
  • Powerful tools to attract ideas, information, and opportunities
  • The ability to start being more intentional and skilled in the way they grow their network

Jason Lauritsen
Featured Books

Unlocking High Performanceby Jason Lauritsen

Unlocking High Performance

by Jason Lauritsen
Social Gravityby Jason Lauritsen

Social Gravity

by Jason Lauritsen

Jason Lauritsen
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