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Bill Capodagli

Author of "The Disney Way" and "Innovate the Pixar Way"

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Bill Capodagli

Bill Capodagli is President of Capodagli Jackson Consulting and an internationally recognized business author, consultant and keynote speaker, coauthoring one of Fortune Magazine's "Best Business Books", The Disney Way: Harnessing the Management Secrets of Disney in Your Company. With over thirty years of business experience, Bill has become one of the most in-demand experts on customer service and organizational transformations. He also coauthored The Disney Way Fieldbook and How to Innovate like Walt Disney and the Pixarians, the definitive account of Pixar's creative culture.

Bill Capodagli
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Bill Capodagli
Featured Keynote Programs

If Walt Ran Your Organization!

Based upon the 2016 expanded edition of the best-selling business classic, The Disney Way, Bill Capodagli shows audiences why Disney’s values of providing service to customers, training and enabling employees, and managing creativity and innovation are essential in organizations of any size, across diverse industries and markets.

Profiling a new set of diverse organizations—TYRA Beauty, Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, Ottawa County, Michigan and Science Center of Iowa and others. Bill explains how charismatic leaders encourage teams to apply Walt Disney’s “Dream, Believe, Dare, Do” principles to delight customers, meet challenges and push boundaries.

Bill Capodagli has inspired countless individuals and teams for over three decades—championing the customer service, leadership and innovation traditions integral to Disney’s worldwide excellence. His practical applications, timeless advice, and step-by-step “Dream, Believe, Dare, Do” actions continue to enlighten audiences, from entry-level recruits to CEOs, and help transform entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Dreams and Dreamers
How to Innovate like Walt Disney and the Pixarians

Pixar is the benchmark of innovative success. With numerous Academy Awards under their belts, they keep breaking the mold on creativity and taking it to the next level. From Toy Story to Up, Pixar never settles for what they’ve done but continues to look forward to the future.

Bill takes you on a tour of the most innovative, creative organization in the world. You’ll learn how to look at the world through a child’s eyes (and why it’s important). You’ll learn how to believe in your team … how to jump in and try something different … how to create your own corporate playground … and more.

Among the Key Points You’ll Learn:

The Dreamers
Walt Disney and the Pixarians

Dream Like a Child
Where did the creativity go?

Believe in Your Playmates
Collaboration in the sandbox

Dare to Jump in the Water and Make Waves
Try, Learn, Try Again

Do Unleash Your Childlike Potential
Make a Dent in the Universe

New Beginnings

Leadership - The Disney Way

Walt Disney was once asked what the secret to his success was and he replied, I dream things and ways of doing business that have never been done before; I test those dreams against my personal believes and the values of the organization; I dare to take the risks to make my dreams a reality; and I put plans together so those dreams do become a reality. Dream, Believe, Dare, Do are the principles that have guided the Disney organization for over 80 years. Walt Disney’s leadership not only created an organization that has stood the test of time, but it created an international icon. Can we even imagine a world without Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse or Goofy?

Walt left us over 40 years ago, but his leadership lessons are as relevant now as they were back then. Bill Capodagli will not only explain the critical elements in Walt’s definition of leadership, but also provide extraordinary leadership examples from the featured companies in The Disney Way. Bill will also recommend an action plan to improve anyone’s leadership skills.

Walt Disney’s Definition of Leadership: the ability to establish and manage a creative climate where people and teams are self-motivated to the successful achievement of long-term goals in an environment of mutual respect and trust.

Customer Service - The Disney Way

Walt Disney created an organization that has become the quintessential model for customer service, perhaps in the entire world. In this presentation, Bill Capodagli leads his audience to apply Walt’s Dream, Believe, Dare, Do principles to achieve a Disney Way service culture. Bill challenges his audience to view their organizations as “show business.” He clarifies the importance of continuously putting on a good “show” for guests. Bill encourages audiences to begin a journey of becoming “customer-centric producers” of their own “shows”.

Walt Disney once said. “You don’t build the product for yourself. You need to know what people want and build it for them.” Bill provides a solid roadmap required to become a customer-centric organization.

Bill Capodagli
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In a Skype interview with Shawn Hanks, author of The Pixar Way and The Disney Way: If Walt Ran Your Organization!, Bill Capodagli shares some of Walt Disney's most crucial...
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