Dr. Alex Pattakos | "The Search for Meaning is a Megatrend of the 21st Century"

Dr. Alex Pattakos

"The Search for Meaning is a Megatrend of the 21st Century"

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Dr. Alex Pattakos

Alex Pattakos, Ph.D., affectionately nicknamed "Dr. Meaning," is the founder of the Center for Meaning, based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA and author of the international best-selling book, Prisoners of Our Thoughts: Viktor Frankl's Principles for Discovering Meaning in Life and Work, which was written at the personal urging of his mentor, the world-renown psychiatrist, Dr. Viktor Frankl (author of the classic best-seller, Man's Search for Meaning). Prisoners of Our Thoughts (www.prisonersofourthoughts.com) is available in 12 languages, with more on the way, and is a national Top-10 bestseller in Spain.

Dr. Pattakos is a former therapist and mental health administrator, political campaign organizer, and full-time university professor (and graduate program head) of public and business administration. He has worked closely with several Presidential administrations on social and economic policy matters, and served as an adviser to the Commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Alex was also one of the initial faculty evaluators for the Innovations In American Government Awards Program at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, and has been a faculty member at The Brookings Institution. He is a past president of Renaissance Business Associates, an international, nonprofit association of people committed to elevating the human spirit in the workplace. During his tenure as President, RBA was active in Australia, Canada, Europe, Nigeria, South Africa, and the USA.

Dr. Pattakos understands the challenges facing people in today's uncertain times. Through his work with Fortune 500 companies, public and nonprofit organizations, and university teaching, Alex has helped people at all levels and in all walks of life build their capacities for personal and organizational transformation. Moreover, as a principal of The Innovation Group (www.seedsofinnovation.com), he consults internationally with individuals, teams, and organizations in all sectors and industries with an explicit focus on designing innovation systems, processes, products, and policies that make a positive difference and that are truly "meaningful."

Dr. Alex Pattakos
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Discovering the Seeds of Meaning in Life and Work

The search for meaning is a "megatrend" of the 21st Century! In this high content, dynamic, and inspiring presentation, Dr. Pattakos outlines his unique approach to finding deeper meaning in everyday life and work. Drawing on his own meaning-centered work and principles found in his international best-selling book, Prisoners of Our Thoughts, along with practical examples that bring these principles to life, Dr. Pattakos asks participants to reflect on what is meaningful to them in their personal lives and work, and then encourages them to begin the journey of deepening this meaning-full connection so that they can realize their full potential in all aspects of their lives. He also challenges participants to examine their thinking patterns in order to overcome their own resistance to change, as well as asks them to look at their own behaviors and, importantly, challenge themselves to determine if they are modeling the kind of attitude and behavior that is needed for success and fulfillment in life. Participants will be inspired with examples of people who have overcome personal and work-related challenges and now contribute more fully and positively to their organizations and society as a whole. They will learn how to take responsibility for their own thoughts and actions, as well as learn how to motivate and model the attitudes and behaviors needed to help themselves and others become and remain engaged so that they may reach their true potential and highest performance by finding the deeper meaning in what they do.

Find out why the search for meaning is a "megatrend" of the 21st century! Dr. Alex Pattakos, author of the much acclaimed book Prisoners of Our Thoughts, demonstrates how being "prisoners of our thoughts" adversely impacts our roles and responsibilities as teachers, students, staff, and parents in spite of our best intentions. We don't have to be prisoners of our thoughts. Instead, we can tap into the deeper meaning of our work and connect meaningfully with others. By leading with and to meaning, we can realize our full potential as catalysts for continuous learning. We can develop and build better schools.

In this dynamic, insightful, and inspiring presentation, Dr. Pattakos shares a new paradigm in the discipline of Innovation Management--designing meaningful innovation®. As the worlds of design, innovation, and meaning converge, this paradigm will become increasing important to your customers, to your employees, and to society as a whole. The focus of this speech is enhancing awareness of how members of your organization can implement The Meaning Difference® both internally, by inspiring their employees to discover the seeds of meaning in what they do, and externally, by encouraging the whole organization to commit authentically to producing meaningful products and services based on meaningful values and goals, in order to make a positive difference and create a better world. Dr. Pattakos encourages participants to take a fresh look at their work and gain a stronger appreciation for its deeper meaning, the meaning of the products/services they produce, and importantly, the role their organization plays in creating a more meaningful world. Participants will learn easy-to-apply concepts and techniques for deepening this appreciation, as well as learn from examples of other organizations that are innovating with meaning, maximizing their return on innovation, and ensuring that innovation is sustainable

Dr. Alex Pattakos
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Dr. Alex Pattakos

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