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Scott Klososky

Writer of Digital Awakening, Producer of the Podcast, The Digital Optimist and Former CEO of Three Successful Startup Companies

Scott Klososky
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Current: TEDx: Why Not Robot? The Digital Transformation

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TEDx: Why Not Robot? The Digital Transformation
Time 18:44
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The Future of Web and Transhumanism
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Customer Experience
Selling in a Hyper-Personalized World

What if you knew exactly what each of your constituents (customers, members, patients, vendors, employees, etc.) REALLY wanted? Would that help you develop customer loyalty? If you could anticipate what each person wanted from you before they told you, how would knowing that change your approach?

Through use of big data and digital connections, you can individualize relationships with any client or prospect you value. A hot topic in marketing today is “hyper-personalization.”

This is the process of gathering a deep level of information on your constituents and then using that information to create loyal and valued relationships. This goes way beyond installing a CRM system! Scott has been on the vanguard of digital marketing techniques since digital marketing was born.

In this session, he combines his custom knowledge of your industry and digital marketing savvy to show attendees several new methods for driving business. This includes using the process of “mapping the customer journey” to detail every touchpoint in relationships and how either a human or technology connection can be used to create a fantastic experience.

As a special bonus, Scott can provide sample templates and tools that are used to complete these processes, so attendees can create a strategic plan for their organization.

Best Audience: C-Suite Executives, Business Side leaders, Marketing Executives, Sales Managers, Salespeople, Customer Care Professionals

Customizable Meter (1-10): Nine (9) Meaning that this is almost entirely customizable. It can be industry-specific and delivered as a Keynote, Breakout, or Workshop. This content changes all the time and is updated regularly because digital marketing is always changing and innovating.

Best Format/Placing in a Conference: This is an extremely versatile topic. It can be a keynote speech, breakout session, or a workshop. It’s easy to place this into a conference or event because it can basically fall anywhere in the schedule. Depending on the need of the audience, this talk can lean towards inspiring people to adopt new methods and tools or can be a more hands-on “how-to” session.

Notes for the meeting planner: Scott has been speaking about this topic since “digital marketing” was a term (in the mid 1990’s). He will cover what are the “latest and greatest” tools and techniques. It doesn’t matter if it’s B2B or B2C: every organization needs to build better digital relationships with their constituents (customers, members, patients, vendors, employees etc.). He will show how to use technology to build tighter relationships and drive revenue and/or better relationships.

Learning Objectives:
Build relationship journey maps inside your organization that detail every touch point of engagement Develop hyper-personalization within your own engagement efforts
Create a robust digital revenue engine to tie your efforts together and work toward building a more effective customer journey
Discover how to get your customers talking about their experience with you to their networks
Find the correct HUMALOGY® balance throughout your entire customer experience strategy
Harness the enormous amount of data potentially available through customers’ mobile devices to serve them in unbelievable ways
Discover how smart devices and the Internet of Things will produce a seismic shift in the way you serve customers
Technology tips and tricks to drive revenue

Creating Balance In a New Workforce Environment

Work from home was a lifesaver in 2020, a catalyst that showed leaders they can provide workforce flexibility, and now the challenges begin…

The return to the office is a welcome sign in the fight against COVID and a relief to leaders who are eager to get back to the familiar ways they manage their teams. In Oklahoma, leaders and employees, alike, called digital platforms the “saving grace” for their company, allowing them to shift to a distributed workforce rather than shut down completely.

More than survive, adapting to remote work enabled many to thrive. The experience will not easily be forgotten, and mounting data shows not everyone wants to.

Nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of people don’t want to go back to working full-time in the office, according to an Oklahoma statewide case study of work and digital communications during COVID. Many participants in the multisector study prefer to work remotely two to three days per week, indicating a permanent shift in the workforce to a new way of life.

Remote work was more successful than expected, but in 2021 the challenges begin.

Best Format/Placing in a Conference: This is a another very popular topic of Scott’s. It’s a very versatile topic and can be placed anywhere in a conference or an organization’s meeting. It’s great for the opening keynote or closing keynote of an event. This topic is very relevant, and it is on every leaders’ mind in every industry.

Notes for the meeting planner: This is a talk that is both timely and practical. Scott combines highlighting a few new trends that people might be aware of and adds a few over the horizon trends that are completely new. To this Scott adds the delivery of practical technology tools, or concepts that can be used immediately.

The challenges Scott will address and provide actionable steps to overcome in this speech are:
Uneven willingness to work full time in the office
Distrust of workers not willing to work in the office
Abuse of a flexible workforce model
Creating desired cultural elements and building teamwork with new and remote workers
The emerging class system: Resistant, Reluctant, Rewarded
Reimagined and renovated central office space

Machine Intelligence
The Rise of Machines

The rise of machines is both exciting and scary for some people. It shouldn’t be “scary” and the more you learn about the subject, the more exciting it is. Machine Intelligence is poised to dramatically reshape all organizations and industries. It will give organizations better insight into their constituent outreach and back-office processes while allowing them to run smarter and leaner.

Scott will cover the Machine Intelligence Ecosystem – Robotics, Smart Sensors, Cognitive Computing, AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.

We are in an era when technology is systematically integrating more and more into our lives. He will show how MI is changing your industry and things leaders need to know about it.

Plus, does every leadership team within an organization need to build a Machine Intelligence strategy? Scott will give his insights on that and more in the fascinating topic.

Best Audience: This can be customized really to any type of audience, but it is best suited for: C-Suite Executives, Human Resources, High Potential Employees, Strategic Leaders

Customizable Meter (1-10): Eight (8) – Meaning that about 80% of the content is colonizable. That’s Because there are so many variables in this speech – Practical vs Thought Leading, Custom to the Industry or Best Practices, Just Educational about the topic.

Best Format/Placing in a Conference: This is a “very cool” opening or closing speech for an event or conference. It can be designed to have the desired impact you want and/or need to “top last year’s” event. It can be customized to start a conference off with a “bang” or “keep them talking on their way home after the event.” It is also a great topic for a breakout session.

Notes for the meeting planner: This speech is constantly changing because of the rate of change in the field of Machine Intelligence.

Scott continues to stay on top of innovations in Machine Intelligence, thus this speech is different every time.

Scott can make this speech very practical where attendees have things they need to think about and do when they get back to their organization. He also can make it very “thought leading” on how Machine Intelligence is going to change society or their industry.

Learning Objectives for the Audience:
What is the influence Machine Intelligence is having on your industry?
Discover how leading-edge technologies, such as implantable devices, autonomous robotics, the Internet of Things, and massive rivers of data, will come together to reshape our lives and industries
Consider the positive and the negatives of the technology integration Reflect broadly on how to position your organization for the coming dynamic changes
Does your organization need a Machine Intelligence strategy? If so, where do you start and how do you get it accomplished?

The Future of Cybersecurity
“Protecting Ourselves in an Increasingly Connected World”

The field of cybersecurity will only grow in its impact on people, organizations, and our world. What will the future bring? In this presentation, Scott looks forward to tackling some of the challenges we will soon face in cyberspace.

Will we continue to witness a rise of surveillance on each of us, constant threats of digital attacks from state-sponsored actors, people from across the globe with the ability to seize control of our vehicles, our wearable devices, and our smart homes, are you implementing Integrated Security?

These are some of the important topics that will be addressed in this presentation. Scott is recognized for his unique future vision and his ability to extrapolate technology trends that will influence our world. In this program, he points this capability toward the world of cybersecurity to explain why it will become one of the most critical elements of our future.

Best Audience: Business-side leaders looking to learn the fundamentals of cybersecurity, technology-side leaders looking further into the future of cybersecurity; it can also be engaging for people of any level of their careers. The talk is different for leaders than when all levels of organizations are in attendance.

Customizable Meter (1-10): Nine (9) Meaning that this is almost entirely customizable. Whether you choose a Keynote, Breakout Session, or Workshop, the content can be tailored to your event. It also can be industry-specific, or you choose to look at best practices across all industries.

Best Format/Placing in a Conference: This is a very popular subject and can fit into any conference or event. It is a good Keynote, Breakout Session, or hands-on “how-to” Workshop. Also, depending on the need of the audience, this talk can be delivered in several different ways: Practical-who are the bad guys, how are they attacking us, and how can we protect ourselves? Thought-Leading- What is the future of security? How is it affecting your industry?

Notes for the meeting planner: Scott has tremendous experience in the security space and has had many large organizations use him as a keynote, thought-leader, and facilitator. He developed an “Integrated Security Model” that is second to none in the industry. Because things are moving so fast in security, this speech is always changing to keep up with new and improved technologies and methods.

Learning Objectives:
Analyze the ways new technologies will impact the field of cybersecurity
What is Integrated security? Why is it important?
What are the current attack vectors, who are the bad guys, and how do you do risk management?
Evaluate how the Internet of Things remains an enormous threat to our infrastructure
Identify the increasing danger from organized cybercrime
Understand what each of our growing digital footprints will mean for our privacy
Learn steps you can take to protect your devices, and yourself, in an increasingly connected world

Scott Klososky
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