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Author of 'Twitter for Dummies' and 'Branding Yourself'

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Kyle Lacy

Kyle has quickly built a reputation for an excellent in-depth understanding of the application of social and digital media for both small businesses and large corporations. He has currently taught over 175 companies and businesses across the world. Kyle is author of two books: Twitter Marketing for Dummies (Wiley, 2009) and Branding Yourself (Pearson, 2010). The second edition of Twitter Marketing for Dummies will also be released in 2011. Recognized both locally and globally for his knowledge of social media, he is routinely invited to share his expertise with audiences all over the world. Kyle writes a regular blog at that is featured on the AdAge 150 and the Wall Street Journal Online.

Kyle Lacy
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Current: Six Trends Changing Consumer Behavior

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Six Trends Changing Consumer Behavior
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Kyle Lacy Presents at 2010 Social Media Conference
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Kyle Lacy
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Social Commerce, Not Media

As we know,social media is not a tool to create presence, but a tool to create advocacy, commerce and brand loyalty. Having a Facebook page with fans is not a strategy nor is assigning a passionate media savvy young intern or employee to the project. Like websites were to commerce in the mid-90’s, so is social media today--it can no longer be an experimental communication tool. Instead, compelling users to generate content, to tell the story, build your business and drive commerce, joining is this media’s intended and most powerful application.
To do so, social media should be integrated with all media and disciplined to achieve a measurable results. We call it “social commerce.” Social commerce requires as much planning and thought as does an ad campaign. Conference wide training is needed in order to fully understand the idea of social media and social commerce.

Custom Social Media Presentation
We will design a presentation to be specific not only to your attendees but to your specific demands of the industry. The course will give your attendees all the necessary tools it needs to begin using social media the minute they leave. Below you will find a list of the suggested components that will be used in your training session:
• The Future of Online Communication - We begin with a short presentation that helps shift the way your team thinks about communication. This is necessary to help get “buy-in” from the attendees and get everyone on the same page.
• Overview of Social Media - Moving forward, we teach the fundamental components of social media and how to be successful using the tools. We show your attendees the productivity tools that few people know of or know how to use and use the right way.
• Strategy Development - Most people think that once they know how to use the tools, it’s time to begin. However, we believe that everything in business has to have a purpose; there must be goals we are trying to reach. We will teach your attendees the components of a successful social media strategy and the top ways to use the tools for business and communication.
• The Take-Away - Give an example of other companies (in your industry) using social media the right and some actionable items to take away from the session.

Evolve or Die
The Future of Online Communication

Customers are people first and buyers second. This should be the mantra driving every business all over the world. Over the past couple of years there has been a huge push into the world of social media. Hundreds and thousands of people have been flooding and joining sites like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter and what are they talking about? Themselves and you. Never in the history of business has there been a better platform for customer information and marketing research. How do you build an integrating marketing campaign that captures the transactional, aspirational, generation, and psychological aspects of the consumer? We answer that... and more.

What you will learn:
What is the future of online communication and digital marketing?
How you transition from traditional marketing to digital
Why is it important to change the way you view your marketing?
What does Twitter and Facebook mean to my business?
Why is social media and digital marketing important to your organization?
How does this build revenue?

Being Productive in Social Media

What we will be talking about : saving time, energy, and resources by being smart with your usage of social media tools.

Everyone loves social media... well at least they think they do. There is really one huge issue that keeps individuals from using social media and that is time. Time can be an ugly thing if you are not productive with the tools and time given to you. How are you productive and manage your time effectively?

We will be chatting about five different things:

What tools should be using and why?
How to stay productive on a daily basis for 30 minutes a day
Integrating Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Your Blog
Habit forming tips that will help you STAY productive
Measuring your use of social media to stay effective
With all that said... there is one constant idea... saving time and doing it well!

Maximizing and Monetizing Your Facebook Fan Page

You've decided that a Facebook Fan Page is the right social networking channel for your business. Maybe you've already created a Fan Page and you're posting content (maybe once a day... maybe twice a week). But you're probably thinking... I could probably monetize and maximize my Fan Page for things... hidden in the world of social media... right?


This session will give you a behind the scenes look at how to maximize your use of your Facebook Fan Page and much more

What the crap is a vanity URL and does it matter?
Launching and growing your Fan Page and Fan base
Using analytics and monitoring to maximize your Fan Page potential
5 ways to create killer content for your Fan Page
5 ideas for viral growth and sales techniques
We don't really care if you have a cool page. We are that you have a successful and killer page. We want to help make you interactive and build a loyal following on Facebook!

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