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Andy Sernovitz

Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking

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Andy Sernovitz

Andy Sernovitz, one of the original Internet entrepreneurs, is founder of GasPedal Ventures, an incubator for Internet startups. He is a Visiting Scholar at the Wharton School of Business, where he teaches an MBA course on Internet Entrepreneurship, and is President Emeritus of the Association for Interactive Media, the world's largest association of Internet companies.

In 1993, Andy Sernovitz began pulling the Internet industry together under AIM. As founder and head of daily operations for AIM, Sernovitz has served as the voice of the Internet industry. He sold AIM to the Direct Marketing Association in 1998. AIM represents hundreds of companies that are turning Internet opportunities into real profits, including America Online, the New York Times, Citicorp, Yahoo, and many more.

Andy Sernovitz also provides discreet consulting services to prominent Internet companies and select start-ups, including,, Experian, and Hitachi. He specializes in affiliate marketing and rainmaking, using the many contacts and confidences he gained AIM.

A highly sought after speaker, Andy Sernovitz received a "top ten speaker" award at Internet World. He has lectured at universities, served as an expert witness, and is a frequent talk radio guest. He has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the New York Times, Business Week, Wired and many other national publications.

Prior to founding AIM, Andy Sernovitz ran a small interactive television investment fund and consulted to companies entering the new media marketplace. He holds degrees in Marketing from the Wharton School of Business and in Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania. He is a registered lobbyist.

Andy Sernovitz
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Word of Mouth Marketing
5 Simple Steps

You've heard the talk, you've heard the hype -- word of mouth marketing is the next big thing. But what exactly should you do to create a word of mouth marketing campaign for your company? Learn specific strategies to engage with consumers and generate positive word of mouth about your brand. Learn the 5 steps to starting an impactful, effective, sales-driving campaign. We're going to get specific here: Who to hire, where to start, and how to make it successful.
• Finding the right people to talk about you (influencers and evangelists)
• Giving them something to talk about (viral email, samples, buzz, and more)
• Creating tools to make it easier for them to talk to each other (blogs, discussions, tell-a-friend forms)
• Participating in the conversation
• Tracking and measuring results

Ethics in Word of Mouth Marketing

When your company participates in blogs, message boards, and MySpace, there are specific ethical rules you need to understand to stay out of trouble. Andy will give you the understanding and guidance you need to ensure that your word of mouth programs are always honest, that your brand is protected, and that your company is never embarrassed.

Consumers in Control

Word of mouth marketing is becoming the most important, most effective, and most ethical way to promote your company. The rise in consumer control of the media, blogs, and social networks is changing advertising forever. Andy will talk about how this phenomenon has happened -- and what we all need to do to keep it happening. Learn how to make word of mouth part of your corporate philosophy and how to do it the right way. Become part of the movement and evangelize honest word of mouth. We all win when businesses learn that they make more money by earning the respect and recommendation of their customers.

Andy Sernovitz
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Andy Sernovitz

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