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Phil M. Jones, Sales, Sales Speaker, Sales Training, Sales Motivational, Sales Training Seminar, Motivational Sales NSB, sales, sales process, business, change, customer experience, Keynotes, international, management Phil M. Jones, Sales, Sales Speaker, Sales Training, Sales Motivational, Sales Training Seminar, Motivational Sales NSB, sales, sales process, business, change, customer experience, Keynotes, international, management
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Phil M. Jones

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Exactly Like...Nobody Else Master of Influence and Persuasion - Author of Seven Best Selling Business Books, One Children's Picture Book - Producer of "Most Listened To" Non-Fiction Audiobook of all time. Phil M Jones thinks and acts differently. His precise insights around communication added to a proven personal pedigree of peak performance and a richness of real-world experience mean that Phil is the kind of thought-leader whose counsel is sought by other thought-leaders. He ...

We have organized two seminars for retail professionals with Phil Jones this year - one in Skopje, Macedonia and one in Belgrade, Serbia. He has never failed to impress the audience with his interesting presentation style, vivid examples and case studies and instant motivation to everybody in the room!

Marija Solevska, Executive DIrector - Smart Events

When it comes to demonstrating value to customers, driving a better overall customer experience and creating more business opportunities, there is no one that delivers the message better. His trainings continue to help us create the best customer consultative experience. I am truly grateful for his partnership with Beltone and want to thank him for everything he has done for our organisation.

Jason Rach, Sales Director - Beltone

It's tough to adequately describe Phil Jones. He is a true expert in the field of sales, sales management and motivation. Phil can demonstrate what he teaches so effectively that people actually get it. There are many that are very good in training on sales, sales management, and success principles; but few can do it in a way that the learner can easily apply what they have learned. Its hard to describe, but Phil is able to teach and demonstrate in a way where it just clicks. Simply put Phil Jones is very, very impressive.

Dustin Hansen, CFE CEO - InXpress Americas

If you, your company or sales team is looking for a cutting edge approach to sales, look no further than Phil M. Jones. I have personally been through multiple sales seminars (Spin Selling, US Surgical, etc.) and none compare to what Phil brings to the table.
"In his seminars, he has a very special gift in capturing the attention of the audience, then helping them overcome personal fears to ensure each attendee can progress to the next level in their sales career. Highly recommended for any company trying to get the most out of their sales team and apply day-to-day applications that work.

Michael Shear, Regional Sales Director - ReSound

As a director of a very successful and already motivated sales team, I was delighted when Phil agreed to attend our recent sales & marketing conference. Phil immediately engaged with the audience with his stage presence and experience - what surprised many was his knowledge of our product and possesses a rare talent to manage questions in a unique way I have not experienced before - now I understand why he is ahead of his field, the feedback has been very positive and have I no hesitation recommending Phil

Nick Babington, VP - Peninsula Canada Limited

“After a few different sales seminars in our company, I was delighted to have attended the two-day course by Phil Jones. He is knowledgeable and applies the training to the specific target audience. His energetic style keeps the attendees motivated and was in great balance with sincerity. He was quick on his feet to provide insight for techniques that apply directly to our industry. It was a pleasure to attend and work with him on presentations during the workshop. I look forward to attending a seminar again.”

John Nelson, Ph.D - GN Resound
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