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Robert Langston

Founder of The Dyslexia Educational Network

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Robert Langston
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The Power of Dyslexic Thinking

Robert Langston shares the inspirational stories of people with whom he has worked, who overcame the hurdles of living with dyslexia, to become influential business and cultural leaders. From Kinko's founder Paul Orfalea, to prominent financier Charles Schwab, to Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Mike Peters, Langston profiles some of the biggest players in the business world and elsewhere, to paint amazing portraits of courage and dedication.

Through both research and personal experience, Langston has come to believe that dyslexia is a condition that does not need curing, but rather needs a greater understanding of the different capabilities and skills it can provide those who have it. He hopes that understanding more about the creative and intuitive benefits of dyslexia will allow educators and parents, as well as dyslexic children, to see dyslexia not as a disability, but as a gift.

This program was developed from Langston’s book: The Power of Dyslexic Thinking, How a Learning DisAbility Shaped Six Successful Careers. It’s content was developed for business and educational conferences, graduation ceremonies, keynotes and parent/teacher continuing education. Approximate running time: 45 mins to 3 hr.

Redefining Success in School and Success in Life

Robert Langston has shared his stories of success, dispute living with a learning disability, for almost two decades, in over 1500 US schools to an audience of over half a million people of all ages.

Langston scored an 84 on his I.Q. test in second grade. His parents where advised to teach him a trade because he would not make it to high school. Langston graduating from high school functionally illiterate and graduated from the University of West Georgia with written language skills as low as a third grade level. This may sound impossible, but he invites you to share in the inspirational story of how it really happened.

This program was developed from Rob’s book: For the Children, Redefining Success in School and Success in Life. It’s content is good for education conferences, school assemblies, graduation ceremonies and keynotes. Approximate running time: 45 mins to 3 hr.

The Action Initiative

Robert Langston developed the Action Initiative program for Vistage. Vistage is the world's largest membership CEO organization. Since 1996, Langston has delivered this proven technique to hundreds of business leaders and their companies.

Rob shares his personal formula for unleashing the “action” within us all. The Action Initiative Program teaches five basic strategies for achieving extraordinary results. With the same dynamic, high-energy and entertaining style that has captured the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of program participants; Rob walks each member through the process of:

1. Distilling the goal.
2. Goal education.
3. Creating reinforcements for achieving the goal.
4. Enhanced focus on the goal. (Clear goals equals clear leadership)
5. Interactive ACTION set.

Rob has been using The Action Initiative techniques for more than 20 years with extraordinary results. He developed the five steps process to overcome a personal battle with Dyslexia. Today he is a graduate of the State University of West Georgia despite being functionally illiterate. He is a published author even though he toils to accomplish what many of us do with ease -- read and write.

No matter how successful your organization already is in business or life, this program is designed to enhance focus, reduce fear and ultimately increase your ability to make the power of ACTION work for you.

This program was developed for CEO’s, Business Leaders and their companies. Running time: 45 mins to 3 hrs.


SHOW YOUR SPARK! is a school assembly program promoting creative expression and self-advocacy in learning.

SHOW YOUR SPARK! helps build student awareness
and understanding of how our brains work and the
different ways we learn.

Time: 40 - 45 minutes (can be modified to fit your school’s schedule)

Kids who struggle in school need to know it’s okay to learn differently. There are currently 2.9 million students receiving special education services for LD (learning disabilities), and research shows that this population of students is more likely to suffer from poor self-esteem, low self-confidence, and subsequent high-risk behavior. Similarly, students with LD are often caught in the cycle of bullying – either as victims or bullies themselves.

SHOW YOUR SPARK! promotes understanding, helps increase self-esteem, and builds self-awareness among the entire student population through the following activities:

•Fun, entertaining presentation in which Rob Langston, motivational and inspirational speaker, shares his personal experience of growing up with dyslexia.
•Interactive introduction of, Best Educational Website 2007 (W3 Awards).
•Giveaways for educators and students, including activities and resources.

This is a school assembly program is for children ages 8-12. Show your Spark! was developed as a collaborative project between Robert Langston and the Professor Garfield Foundation. Running time: 45 mins.

Youth and Young Adult Leadership

The Georgia Rotary Youth Leadership Awards have had Robert Langston as their keynote and seminar leader for 10 straight years for a reason! Langston’s youth leadership program is charismatic, relatable and interactive. He has modified his wildly successful National CEO program, The Action Initiative, to meet the needs of next-generation leaders (This program has been used for over a decade with the world’s largest membership CEO and business leaders’ organization). His trademark high-energy presentation keeps youth of all ages engaged and excited about developing their leadership style and strategy. Langston developed this strategy as a young adult himself, which makes the stories fun and easily relatable. Young Leaders can expect to walk away with a hands-on experience, as audience members are selected to prove the strategy they have learned in an interactive, live-action finish.

This program was developed for youth and young adults ages 13-25. Running time: 45 mins to 3 hrs.

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Robert Langston

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