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Nicholas Ferroni

Nicholas Ferroni, Teacher Motivation, Creativity in Education activist, education, Human Rights Campaign, Teach the Truth, child advoacy Nicholas Ferroni, Teacher Motivation, Creativity in Education activist, education, Human Rights Campaign, Teach the Truth, child advoacy

Nicholas Ferroni Text Reviews

We have used Nick for a number of speaking engagements here at Spotify, with particular focus on how, through the use of music, he's able to educate and empower the people around him. Nick is not only an expert in his field, he is a great speaker and a pleasure to work with

Aaron Page, Marketing Manager - Spotify UK

I had the good fortune of hearing Nick speak in New Jersey. What an incredible experience it was. I walked away thinking this guy gets it. Nick's powerful words, relevant examples, and heart warming stories inspired me and gave me hope that teachers everywhere are still the change our kids deserve.

Jimmy Casas, Senior Fellow - International Center for Leadership In Education

Our day with Nick went perfectly. Our staff loved him and walked away feeling motivated and energized. He was outstanding.

Scott Clay - Superintendent - East Maine School District 63

We had an AMAZING day with Nick yesterday. He truly delivered outstanding presentations which included topics that matched the needs of our district. Throughout the afternoon, staff approached me to say how much his words inspired them. Thank you so much for working with us to bring Nick into our educational community. I hope to work with you again in the future.

Paula Beck - Nelson School

Nick's presentation was the perfect kickoff to our school year. His insight into the art of teaching, his dedication to social justice, and his sense of humor kept us captivated throughout his time with us. Nick brought a level of energy that was contagious.

Scott Clay - Superintendent - East Maine School District 63

It was the kick off that all of us needed to have a great beginning of school. I 100% would recommend Nicholas Ferroni to any group or district that wants to hear a powerful message about building student relationships. I heard a retired teacher who got back into the professional tell Nie "This is the best presentation I have heard in all my years of teaching" 35+ years and it was the best. Nic's message is so vital today. It doesn't matter what we know until the kids know we care.

Jason L. Midkiff, Superintendent - Purcell Public Schools

Mr. Ferroni provided both the motivation and inspiration needed power through the toughest of days in the life of an educator. This motivation came from making connections with students and integrating innovative instructional strategies that go beyond pedagogy and get to the heart of teaching. As a faculty, we are newly invigorated and ready to accept both challenges and triumphs.

Lauren Gunther, Curriculum Director - Ocean City School District

Nick's method of 'speaking the way he teaches' engages educators deeply. He reminds us all that we have greatness in our classrooms and only we have the daily opportunity to help students unleash their potential. He helps us to see ourselves through the eyes of our students: sometimes clearer than we see ourselves.

Michelle Ramos, Board Member - California Teachers Association

"Mr. Ferroni was by far the best presenter that our school has had. My staff was very engaged in the transparent conversations. During the Professional Development, staff indicated that they felt like Mr. Ferroni was real. He understood all of the frustrations that they had been through this past school year. Nick provided many strategies that would allow for student success which in turn results in minimal teacher burnout. Teachers stated that they feel refreshed and energized and ready to rerun to school with a positive mindset that all students can and will learn."

LaMonica Davis, Principal - Akron School District

This was the best presentation our school has ever had. Mr. Ferroni was personable, friendly, and his message "hit home" with my faculty. His passion and compassion for students was obvious and it reminded us all of why we are here in the first place.

Jack Perna - Montauk Public School

Mr. Ferroni's message was impactful and relatable as a teacher working through the pandemic. He spoke to the hearts of the teachers and allowed them to feel grace and a sense of accomplishment for all of their efforts.

Jill Tsoukalas, Superintendent of Schools - Plainfield, Illinois

This is the message teachers need at the beginning of the school year! Nick's presentation provided an opportunity to laugh, feel valued, commiserate and find joy at a normally very hectic moment in the life of a teacher. His positivity and ability to be completely empathetic with the plight of teachers is refreshing.

B. Helveston - Lafayette Parish School District

Bridged the gap between the real world of teaching and how society perceives us... one of the most knowledgeable presenters we have ever had... Has his hand on the pulse of education.

Ms. Holleman - LPS District

This was the BEST session I have ever seen at a Professional Development in our district. He tailored his speech to the audience of teachers and really motivated us to begin the year.

Ms. Callais - LPS District