Barry White Jr. | Innovative Educator, Steve Harvey’s Hero, “Handshake Teacher”

Barry White Jr.

Innovative Educator, Steve Harvey’s Hero, “Handshake Teacher”

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Barry White Jr.

Barry White Jr served as a fifth-grade reading teacher in Charlotte, NC, focusing on instilling a love for reading in his students. Currently, Mr. White serves as a Vice Principal in the Charlotte Mecklenburg School District. In 2016, Mr. White discovered that a practice he'd implemented as a sign of trust between him and his students had gone viral. Earning the title "Steve Harvey's Hero," Mr. White's increasing popularity stemmed from his relationship-building skills, which depicted him giving personalized handshakes to each of his students, attracting attention worldwide. His purpose is to stress the importance of individuality and the positive impact that providing individualized attention to each student can have prompting a love for learning inside/outside the classroom. With his motto, "Before a child can invest in the content, they must know you are invested in them," he has been instrumental in encouraging the youth to use their platforms to motivate and inspire others. Additionally, Mr. White was featured in the Charlotte Observer for starting an extracurricular athletic program at his elementary school centered around raising collegiate students' interest with the help of fraternity and sorority members. 

Mr. White received the 2017 AABHE Pacesetter award, The CMS 2017 Teaching Excellence Award, The 2018 NC AT&T Heritage Calendar Honoree at the Governor's Mansion, The 2019 Black Fathers Rock Surrogate Father of The Year, and The CMPD & Community MVP award for his outstanding work in the community as well as The City of Charlotte.

Practical Passion:

Having presented at many different school districts and conferences, Barry allows his passion and energy behind his purpose and expertise to drive his message. He provides valuable and insightful strategies, resources, and information that is purposed to benefit and cultivate the minds of his audience, regardless of their expertise or background.

Barry White Jr.
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Current: TODAY: 'Handshake Teacher'

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TODAY: 'Handshake Teacher'
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Barry White Jr.
Featured Keynote Programs

Balancing the HEAD and HEART to provide THE EXPERIENCE.

Through stories and personal experiences, Barry takes the audience on a journey focusing on creating alternative futures for all students to thrive in today’s society and how to cultivate a leadership mindset no matter the title.

Through this interactive keynote, audience members will leave feeling challenged to

Activate a leadership mindset

• To understand the power of perspective in building a thriving culture

• Implement and maintain positive habits to build/sustain relationships

Alternative Future’s

Throughout every child’s educational journey, students encounter many obstacles. Some of these obstacles may be small and controllable, while others may be uncontrollable barriers that may threaten their ability to live out their dreams. As educators, we exhaust ourselves in attempts to place each of them on a path to their predicted future right? Is that enough? How we see our peers, our pupils, the world, and ourselves has a lot of bearing on what we put out into the atmosphere, and what we allow to come to fruition. If we tell others and ourselves that success is impossible, then we are creating room for that to manifest and be made true. If we say that we can or cannot achieve or obtain something, we are admitting to ourselves and to the atmosphere that we are fearful of allowing this to happen through or for us. Through stories and personal experiences, Barry teaches educators how to move students from a predicted future to an alternate one – one in which every child succeeds in character and in academics. Through this interactive keynote, audience members will leave feeling challenged to:

• Build Authentic relationships in creative ways

• Implement and maintain positive strategies to keep them on track

Topics covered: Leadership, Positive Perspective, Persistency and Consistency, Authentic Relationships, Finding Passion

Breakout Session

Examining the classroom with a critical lens focusing on building an inclusive community and innovative learners.

In this session Mr. White breaks down some strategies and activities that focus on building inclusive learning environments and enhancing scholars' social emotional skills.

Barry White Jr.
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Barry White Jr.
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Barry White Jr.

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