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Marc Hoberman bullying, health and wellness, conflict resolution Marc Hoberman bullying, health and wellness, conflict resolution
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Marc Hoberman

Teen Illness Survivor, Test Prep Expert, Anti-Bullying and Drug Abuse Prevention

About Marc Hoberman

His inspirational bestselling memoir: Adversity Defeated: Turn Your Struggles into Strengths tells Marc's story: He was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 16 after a stressful move from Yonkers, New York to Florida.

His story follows his experiences up to the present day where he has taught for over 33 years and helped many teens and parents navigate difficulties of topics ranging from illnesses, bullying, academics, test anxiety, and more.

Participants will learn how to deal with stressful ...

While I have always believed that "Life is Great", Marc Hoberman clearly defines the fact that life can "still be great", despite being thrown a curve ball that almost hits you square in the face. Marc's presentation was amusing and meaningful as he explained how he has overcome hurdles in his life to become a highly respected teacher and caring human being. If high school students need an example of a person who has achieved through determination and perseverance, Marc is the individual to deliver that message.

Paul Shapiro, Educational Administrator

Marc Hoberman's engaging presentation, "Search and Seizure", allowed a serious condition to be explained with insight and humor. Marc did much to clear confusion and dispel myths about epilepsy. He raised awareness simply by allowing the audience a glimpse into his upbringing and sharing how he come to terms with his illness. Marc is an educator of the best kind - one who makes a difference in his students, and in this case, his audience, and earns respect while disarming any notion of "disability".

Margaret Giuliano, Director of Special Services - Dominican College

At the end of Mr. Hoberman's presentation, I can honestly say that I was speechless. I was so moved, intrigued, and entertained by the events in his life, and his presentation was something that made me take a different look at my own life, as well as the lives of those around me.

Corynn Dziezynski, Student - SUNY Albany

"Working with you during the planning stages was a treat! In advance, you meticulously broke down all of our camp literature and staffing information and in return offered an analysis of its objectives. As for the orientation sessions themselves... Again, Terrific! The icebreakers, the teamwork enhancement sessions, and my favorite, the very interpretive artistic drawings by staff members on their visions of each other were a lot of fun and telling. I found you to be resourceful, creative, fun-loving, patient, insightful, and capable. Bravo!"

Doug Pierce - Pierce Country Day Camp

Marc's grasp of why teens turn to drugs speaks volumes to his expertise in education and the mindset of today's teens. His Q & A at the end of the presentation allowed participants to feel comfortable to ask essential questions about overcoming obstacles and Marc's experience with students who have used and abused drugs. Our virtual event was originally meant for youth, but we found many teachers and parents were interested in attending and they, too, were very impressed by his presentation. His storytelling left me with several important takeaways for my prevention work: Our experiences both good and bad, shape us and can help us help others. I was left with a reminder to be compassionate and that no one is alone. Just when you think no one understands what YOU are going through, that's when you need to reach out because everyone deals with adversity in some way at some time and we all need to take care of each other. Our decisions and life choices matter and can shape our lives. Sometimes we are in-control, and sometimes we are not. I'd highly recommend working with Marc Hoberman for a virtual or in-person event. His ability to weave humor into a very serious topic is unparalleled.

Carolyn Wilson - Groton Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention
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