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Dr. Liz Berney, is a consultant, trainer, public speaker and coach for clients including: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Coca Cola, Tropicana, Baldrige Quality Program, AT & T, Fannie Mae, American Red Cross, Quaker Oats, Cisco, Human Rights First, National Public Radio, Dun and Bradstreet, John F. Kennedy Center, Marriott Corp, MCI, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Capitol, U.S. Departments of: Health and Human Services (Centers for Disease Control, National Institutes of ...

Liz is extremely capable of making the theories connect with real life experiences and was able to provide insightful strategies for our specific change-related challenges in our companies. She is very approachable and a lot of fun to work with.

Kunal Bharti, Director of Sales - World Hotels, London

Your desire to ensure a valuable course for all participants was evident in how you modified the training both before and during the class based on the special needs that rose.

Shara Meisinger, Sr. Manager Human Resources - Tropicana

Liz is a wonderfully energetic facilitator and speaker! She is able to translate the complex and abstract into the understandable and practical. She brought warmth, integrity, humor and great insight to our leadership development program at Fannie Mae. The leaders loved her high energy delivery of the cutting edge material on win-win negotiation. Her session received the highest marks in our workshop!

Suzanne Zaldivar, Senior Consultant - Fannie Mae

Liz moved our senior team to a significantly greater level of communication, problem solving and overall performance.

Managing Partner - Global Risk Capital

. . . she energized the audience, helped them reexamine their role in leadership, teamwork, and office dynamics in today's fast-paced society . . . With Liz's keen insight and funny, fast-paced delivery, the time sped by.

Cynthia Adcock, Director of Marketing and Communications - National Council of State Housing Agencies

She has an excellent ability to 'read' her audience and engage their interests and enthusiasm and be responsible to their needs. Dr. Berney's personality is such that people are drawn to her warmth and vivaciousness.

Rhoda Levin, Former Chair, NIST Mentoring Program - National Institute of Standards and Technology
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