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Kaihan Krippendorff

Strategy and Innovation Expert, Author of Four Business Strategy Books

Kaihan Krippendorff
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Kaihan Krippendorff
Featured Keynote Programs

Leading Beyond Disruption
The Proximity Revolution

In a world of constant disruption, technological change, and megatrend turbulence, how do we transform the way we lead and work?  The answer is Proximity – a simple idea that you can use to turn disruptors like artificial intelligence, renewable energy, virtual reality, 3D printing, and new ways of working into possibilities...chaos into clarity. 

Based on his new book, Proximity: How Coming Breakthroughs in Just-in-Time Transform Business, Society, and Daily Life, this keynote will arm leaders with a Proximity Roadmap for their industry and adjacent ones. He will ignite a new mental mindset and give you the practical tools you need to prepare yourself and your business to be bold and shape your future. 

  • Understand the impact that matters for your business of disruptors like generative AI, 3D printing, precision-agriculture, dark factories, and renewable energy – and how to harness them to drive growth and resiliency
  • Build your Proximity roadmap, three steps to winning the future 
  • Prepare your organization and people with the mindsets needed to lead
  • Map out where you need to rethink growth plans, innovation and investments, operations, and customer expectations

*This session can be delivered as a keynote speech or a 3 hour hands-on workshop

Outthink the Competition
a Proven Framework for Designing Breakthrough Growth Strategies

We live in an accelerated age of technology, disruption, volatility, and uncertainty. It demands that we lead our teams and organizations in radically new ways. We need to leverage creative problem-solving to innovate and do more with less.

Globally ranked management thinker Kaihan Krippendorff has studied and analyzed the strategies of thousands of companies to uncover how they were able to beat competitors to lead across industries and markets. In this entertaining, interactive, and practical keynote, Kaihan will teach you the creative secrets of companies that outperform. He will guide you through his 4th Option® IDEAS Framework, a learnable and repeatable process for generating strategic breakthrough ideas, innovations, and business models to drive growth and keep you relevant in the future.

Detailed in his best-selling book, Outthink the Competition, Kaihan’s 4th Option® IDEAS Framework and tools have been used in hundreds of companies ranging from high-growth startups to industry-leading public and private global corporations.

Ninety-five percent of leadership teams that have enlisted Kaihan’s guidance through IDEAS report having at least one transformative idea to take action on and to date have generated in excess of $2.5B in new annual recurring revenue.

In this keynote, Kaihan will entertain and engage your audience members with stories and cases customized for your company. They’ll walk away with rigorously researched practical tools they can apply to find their 4th Option®.

The audience will leave with: 

  • A proven framework for growth & innovation, the 4th Option IDEAS Process
  • The top five moves of the Outthinker Playbook
  • A simple tool to avoid killing off “crazy” (valuable) ideas and turn them into winning moves
  • A common language and energized mindset that enables and encourages innovation throughout the organization

A program for leaders & teams who want to: 

  • In need of delivering faster growth
  • Seeking ways to overcome heavy competition and disruptors
  • Looking for a repeatable process to drive innovation and unleash creative thinking
  • Worried they will not keep up with the pace of change

Driving Innovation From Within
Turn employees into Intrapreneurs and Accelerate Tansformation

In our accelerated world of technology and disruption, the benefits of turning employees into Intrapreneurs are well documented. Companies that treat their people as Intrapreneurs have innovation infused into their DNA. Transformation becomes a toned muscle and capability that can be exercised repeatedly as needed. Best-selling author and globally ranked innovation expert Kaihan Krippendorff’s research shows companies with active Intrapreneur networks are 3X more likely to be in the top quintile of financial performance and enjoy a 2.5X advantage in their ability to recruit and retain top talent.

The IN-OVATE framework provides a specific and practical approach to turn your employees into Intrapreneurs, and build capacity for enterprise-wide transformation and smart innovation.

In this inspiring, timely, and high-impact keynote, Kaihan shows how organizations can unlock the power of Intrapreneurship, and how you, the individual Intrapreneur, can navigate barriers, overcome resistance, and take the initiative to drive transformation across your organization.

The audience will leave with: 

  • A framework to identify and overcome the seven blockers of innovation
  • The six characteristics, mindsets, and habits of successful Intrapreneurs
  • Appreciation and understanding of the human side of innovation and how to spread Intrapreneurship across the organization
  • Inspiring and memorable stories to fuel their Intrapreneurial journey

A program for leaders & teams who want to: 

  • Motivate people to be more innovative
  • Move from a culture of permission-seeking to a culture of proactivity
  • Transform employees into Intrapreneurs Spark creativity and innovation
  • Gain traction on or accelerate transformation

The 8Ps of Innovation and Design
A Proven Framework for Innovating Your Business Model

When we say “innovation” we almost always mean “product innovation”. We talk about R&D and possible new solutions to fulfill unmet needs. This is a one-dimensional and incomplete approach to innovation. Dissect the highest performing and most innovative companies of the last decade and you will see that great innovators disrupt their markets by reaching beyond the product. Oftentimes their success rests on choices that have little to do with new product innovations.

In this practical, high-impact keynote, globally recognized innovation expert Kaihan Krippendorff will share entertaining and engaging examples from your industry and beyond that breakdown how companies that outperform their competition seek disruptive innovation across eight dimensions known as the “8Ps”. The "8Ps" is a proven framework that enables organizations to move beyond “business as usual” to explore and uncover new competitive advantages, innovations, and business models.

The audience will leave with:

  • A framework to systematically uncover areas for growth, innovation, and advantage
  • Knowledge of how to construct a business model that doesn't conflict with your core business
  • A list of actionable ideas to grow your business or make it more competitive
  • A feeling of being energized and empowered to innovate, regardless of their title or role

A program for leaders & teams who are:

  • In need of delivering faster growth
  • Seeking ideas to innovate their business model
  • Worried about being commoditized and want to find new sources of differentiation 
  • Looking for a repeatable process to drive
  • innovation and unleash creative thinking

Positions, Promotion, Placement, Process, Product, Pricing, People and Physical Experience.

Kaihan Krippendorff
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