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Fostering Cultures of Inclusion

A highly interactive workshop that provides participants the opportunity to overcome the limiting notions of mainstream diversity and to celebrate themselves and others for the unique contributions that they bring. This workshop focuses on key objectives such as exploring how diversity impacts the
bottom line and understanding how demographic changes within the workplace influence internal and external interactions. We seek to increase the understanding of diversity and empathy to provide new opportunities for growth and development.

Restoring Trust and Confidence
How to Recover from Diversity Foot in the Mouth

Mutual understanding and appreciation creates opportunities for diverse teams to reach new levels of success, however diversity-related communication mishaps destroy trust and confidence. This workshop provides the tools to make a successful recovery by using mistakes as opportunities to build greater levels of trust. We address key aspects such as ways to personally recover from inappropriate comments, overcoming the fear factor of difficult conversations, reestablishing productive relationships through empathy, and creative techniques to build cultures of appreciation and inclusion.

Blind Spots

prevent us from becoming the people we are meant to be. This transformative workshop helps individuals develop steps to understand and assess how their blind spots impact their decision-making and relationships. We develop ways to work with our blind spots to create opportunities for continual performance improvement.

Transformational Diversity Training Techniques

designed to empower trainers, leaders and others who lead diversity initiatives in their organizations. This program provides key strategies to engage, inspire and create buy-in with participants. We provide techniques to deliver your session with power and purpose, effectively engage reluctant learners and difficult participants, build an environment of safety and trust, and successfully interact with participants one-on-one.

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Jim Smith Jr

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