Jerry Kaplan | Futurist, Artificial Intelligence Expert, and Silicon Valley Entrepreneur

Jerry Kaplan

Futurist, Artificial Intelligence Expert, and Silicon Valley Entrepreneur

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Jerry Kaplan
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Current: How Generative AI Changes Everything.

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How Generative AI Changes Everything.
Time 29:42
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Artificial Intelligence: What Everyone Needs to Know
Time 57:12

How will Artificial Intelligence Disrupt (your industry)?

A lively and visual explanation of the basic concepts and key technologies that comprise the field of Artificial Intelligence, followed by its likely future impact, customized to the interests of your specific audience. Takeaways include:

• What is Artificial Intelligence?
• How to separate hype from reality.
• How to integrate A.I. into your business.
• How will your organization be affected?
• What new business opportunities will arise?
• Which will come under threat?
• Which jobs will thrive and which will wither?

Generative Artificial Intelligence will Change Everything

Advances in Artificial Intelligence are about to change the way we work and live. This new technology — called “Generative Artificial Intelligence”— can produce novel text, images, music, and software by analyzing enormous collections of digitized material.  Soon, these systems will provide expert medical care; offer legal advice; draft our documents; tutor our children; write computer programs; manage our organizations and infrastructure; and generate music and art. These advances will accelerate progress in science, art, and human knowledge, but they will also bring new dangers, such as spreading lies; eroding trust; and disrupting labor markets. This talk will explain how Generative Artificial Intelligence works, preview some of the ways it will affect our lives and jobs, and explain why deploying this remarkable new technology in the service of humanity may be the defining challenge of our times.

The Promise and Perils of Artificial Intelligence

Some experts suggest that Artificial Intelligence poses a threat to humanity, while others extoll it as our saving grace. Who is correct, and why? This inspirational and stimulating speech separates fact from fiction, while informing and entertaining your audience. This presentation covers such topics as:

• How realistic is what you see in the movies?
• What does A.I. mean for the future of work, wealth, and play?
• Will robots rise up against us and what should we do about it?
• Will it ever become possible to upload our minds into a computer?
• How can our children best prepare for their futures?

The Global Economic and Social Impact of Artificial Intelligence

Over the next few decades, Artificial Intelligence is widely expected to be a key driver of global power and influence. This practical and informative briefing explains how to best leverage this emerging technology for economic development, trade, security, and innovation. Your audience will learn:

• Which industries and strategies will increase their global competitiveness?
• How will local labor markets be affected?
• What will the impact of A.I. be on wealth inequality, social stability, government control, and individual freedom?
• What are the likely military uses of A.I.?
• How to thrive in the coming age of extreme automation.

Jerry Kaplan
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