Terry Jones | Terry Jones, Founder of two billion dollar startups (Kayak & Travelocity) Author, Venture Capitalist

Terry Jones

Terry Jones, Founder of two billion dollar startups (Kayak & Travelocity) Author, Venture Capitalist

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Terry Jones

Terry Jones is a technology pioneer who has played a pivotal role in creating the trillion-dollar e-commerce travel industry.

Whereas other people talk about innovation – Terry Jones lives it. Only .01% of businesses reach the elusive billion-dollar “unicorn” status, Jones built and scaled not one but two unicorn businesses (Travelocity and Kayak).

As a board director for more than 20 companies, his IPOs and exits total over $10 Billion.

Jones is a highly sought-after international speaker and a recognized global authority in the “Future of Business”, “Disruptive Leadership”, and “Digital Transformation.”

He is the author of the critically-acclaimed books “ON Innovation “Turning on Innovation in Your Culture, Team, and Organization.” And Disruption OFF, “The technological disruption coming for your company and what to do about it”

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Speaking Reel
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The AI Disruption
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Why Terry Can Help you Understand AI
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Game Changing Technologies
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Terry Jones
Featured Keynote Programs

AI is the new UI (User Interface)

Terry’s talk AI is the New UI focuses on the importance of total user experience which is really the combination of Customer and Employee experience across digital touchpoints using a combination of modalities like voice, touch, vision, motion…and how the coordination and improvement of all these drive business success today.

Utilizing examples of better UIs revolutionizing businesses from Uber, Airbnb, Travelocity and Kayak, he shows how improved UX causes business disruption and can create new category leaders. Through the use of disruptive technologies he shows how they are changing our approach to UX (like Digital Twins, Voice Response and others).

Generative AI and Conversational experiences are dramatically changing the UI and companies need to know how it will change the interaction with their customers and how they can implement it.

What is contextual UX and how do you implement it?

How will connected products with the right UX create connected offers?

How to you build ‘anticipatory UX?’

Why is employee UX as important as customer UX?

Terry brings the audience into the process of understanding why it is important, how they can implement and utilize these new technologies in their own companies and create a way to deepen the relationships with their customers.

Success in a Business World Disrupted by AI

AI is the most powerful force of business disruption today. It’s changing both products and the future of work. How can you harness it to create lasting advantage? Terry, who has been working in AI for the last ten years can give you successful strategies you can put to work at once.

  • How should you think about AI in your organization?
  • What are the data challenges?
  • What are the security implications?
  • What are the work force impacts?
  • How can you implement it in your products?
  • How will it change your business model?

Innovate or Cease to Exist

Every generation has challenges but the pace, disruption, and unprecedented change that is going on right now has never happened in human history. AI, automation, robotics, blockchain, and remote work. Nothing seems to make sense UNLESS you see the world as an innovator and disruptor. You will learn simple, practical ways you can be more innovative at your daily work.

  • How to build the right culture
  • How to build the right team
  • How to source new ideas
  • How to choose the best ideas
  • How to turn them into products

Harnessing Digital Disruption

Leaders are worried. Businesses are being disrupted at an ever increasing rate and technologies are converging to create unprecedented dislocation. Terry who disrupted the travel industry, twice, has the keys to surviving and thriving in an age of digital transformation.

  • What are the key disruptive technologies?
  • How will AI change my business?
  • How do I own the edge?
  • How can I reimagine my business for digital?
  • How can I turn disruption into innovation?

Terry Jones
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Disruption Offby Terry Jones

Disruption Off

by Terry Jones

Terry Jones
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