George Dennehy | Born without arms and became an inspiration to millions

George Dennehy

Born without arms and became an inspiration to millions

George Dennehy
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Adoption Story
Time 06:32
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Overcoming Obstacles

George explains the multitude of obstacles he has had to overcome in life as he faces each day without arms - and how he has become a stronger person because of it. He then encourages the audience to see their own obstacles in a more positive light, knowing anything is possible when they find the will and strength to never give up.

George mixes in some humorous stories and demonstration of his musical abilities.

Life - It's a Gift

Most of what we can do could be done by others. But we all have a special area where our individual gifts really stand out.

In this message George will focus on and demonstrates his own gift of playing music. He started his musical journey by being the only person in the world to play a cello with his feet. He has since learned to play guitar, electric bass, and even piano. He reminds the audience that we all have talents and gifts that make us unique, and that one of the most fulfilling things in life is finding that unique gift of your own - and using it to shine light on the world.

George Dennehy
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George Dennehy

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