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Tim Lee

Tim Lee was born and raised in southern Illinois to John and Wanda Lee. In 1971 while serving in the United States Marine Corps in South Vietnam while leading his Marines on a mine sweep near Hill 55, Quang Nam Province, South Vietnam he gave both of his legs to America. Instead of quitting or becoming bitter God used this major event in Tim’s life to propel him into a ministry that no one could have imagined at that time. 
Tim pastored for five years in southern Illinois. He understands the rigors, challenges and difficulties of being a pastor. 
Since January 1979 Tim Lee has been in active ministry as a full time evangelist. He has preached in all 50 states and numerous other countries. He has addressed thousands of local churches, Christian schools, civic organizations, Colleges and Universities as well as hundreds of special church and corporate events. Tim Lee is known as the “Legendary Speaker” at MCRD Parris Island, where he has spoken to tens of thousands Marines and Marine Recruits over the years.
Tim Lee has a contagious zeal for revival and a fervent desire to win the lost to Christ. Since 1979 he has flown over 7 million miles to bring a strong message of revival, powerful biblical challenges to the family and a sobering message to the staggering moral and social needs so prevalent in our society today and most importantly the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
Tim has been on the Board of Trustees at Liberty University since 1991 and is currently the Chairman of the Board.

He has maintained close contact and communication with a major cross-section of our nation’s brightest, most gifted and most talented educators, thinkers, leaders, innovators and young students. He is admired by United States Congressmen and Senators, Mayors, and Governors, leading sports personalities and by tens of thousands of military Veterans. He is the pastor’s friend. There is no evangelist like Tim Lee: in appearance—he speaks from a wheelchair—however most people within the first 5 minutes of listening to Tim forget all about the wheelchair and they become engrossed in the message that he is preaching. 
Tim Lee connects with his audience. With his passion and his deep burden for America and in his amazing ability to reach and appeal successfully to the person sitting in the pew, young and old, God is using Tim Lee to make a huge impact for the cause of Christ. He is a combination of Power and Patriotism. 

He has preached over 2000 revival crusades and 1000’s of other special events in some of Americas largest churches and never forgetting his roots he on purposes schedules several “small” churches in his itinerary each year.

Tim is the author of 3 books including his autobiography, Born on the Fifth of July.

His greatest gift as an evangelist is to give a simple presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ and then an invitation for people to receive Jesus Christ s as their own Lord and Savior. John 1:12
Tim has been married to Connie for fifty years. They live in Rowlett, TX with TIM Lee Ministries offices in Garland, TX. Tim and Connie have 3 children and 6 grandchildren.


At the request of President Ronald Reagan, Tim Lee served on the Bicentennial Committee for the 200th anniversary of the U.S. Constitution

Served on Veterans Committee at the request of U.S. Senator Don Nickles

Co-Chair of the National Committee of Veterans for U.S. Senator Ted Cruz

Contributor on Fox News

He has been honored by the United States Marine Corps, the Department of the Navy, the Department of the Army, and numerous State Legislatures

Received the George Rogers Champion of Freedom Award Lynchburg, Virginia 2012

Received the Lifetime Achievement award from Arlington Baptist University Arlington, Texas 2020

Texas Heart of Service award Houston, Texas 2011

Recipient of six Honorary Doctorate degrees

Tim Lee
Featured Book

Born on the Fifth of July Recreated in Vietnamby Tim Lee

Born on the Fifth of July Recreated in Vietnam

by Tim Lee

Tim Lee
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Tim Lee

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