Rebekah Gregory | Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor, Author of “Taking My Life Back” and Founder of Rebekah’s Angels Foundation.

Rebekah Gregory

Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor, Author of “Taking My Life Back” and Founder of Rebekah’s Angels Foundation.

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Rebekah Gregory

Rebekah Gregory is not just a survivor; she's a beacon of strength, resilience, and unwavering courage. A renowned inspirational speaker, Rebekah captivates audiences with her powerful story of triumph over tragedy.

In 2013, Rebekah's life was forever changed when she was a victim of the Boston Marathon bombing. Despite enduring severe injuries, including the amputation of her leg, Rebekah emerged as a symbol of hope and resilience. Her journey of physical and emotional healing has inspired countless individuals around the world.

As an advocate for trauma survivors, Rebekah has dedicated her life to spreading a message of hope and empowerment. Her dynamic speaking engagements blend raw authenticity with a touch of humor, leaving audiences moved, motivated, and ready to face their own challenges head-on.

Rebekah's story is not just about overcoming adversity; it's about finding strength in vulnerability, turning pain into purpose, and embracing the extraordinary potential within us all. Whether on stage or in her bestselling book, Taking My Life Back,Rebekah Gregory continues to impact lives, proving that in the face of adversity, we have the power to redefine our future.

Rebekah Gregory
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New Hope
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The Other Side of Fear
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Speaking Reel
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Letter To My Younger Self
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Rebekah Gregory
Featured Keynote Programs

Building Resilience to Cross Your Finish Line

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Rebekah Gregory in her compelling talk, "Building Resilience to Cross Your Finish Line." This presentation goes beyond the conventional, offering an authentic exploration of bouncing back from life's most challenging moments—an account that is as relatable as it is profoundly inspiring.

Rebekah's story begins with an act of unparalleled bravery—shielding her son from the Boston Marathon bombing. As she shares her triumphs over adversity, including enduring an astounding 76 surgeries and counting and the loss of her left leg, she challenges the audience to peer into their own lives.

Are they merely surviving, or are they truly living? Rebekah's narrative becomes a catalyst for introspection, urging individuals to confront their challenges with newfound vigor and to embrace every obstacle as an opportunity for personal growth.

From the aftermath of the bombing to the significant act of testifying in the trial of the remaining bomber, Rebekah's experiences resonate universally, prompting the audience to assess their own capacity for resilience. Her journey serves as a mirror, reflecting the untapped strength within each person and compelling them to face difficulties with renewed courage and determination.

Fast forward to Rebekah's triumphant return to Boston, this time as a runner with a prosthetic leg. The audience is invited to consider their own finish lines and the possibilities that lie beyond them. Rebekah's story is a testament to rewriting personal narratives and living with intention, inspiring individuals to approach their goals and aspirations with fresh perspective and resilience.

Addressing the crucial topic of mental health, Rebekah's insights provide practical strategies for fostering resilience. The audience is not only encouraged to reflect on their mental well-being but also assured that they will walk away with the tools to lead more fulfilling lives.

Transforming Pain into Purpose

In this emotionally charged presentation, Rebekah courageously shares her own battle with PTSD in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing—a pivotal chapter in her life that shaped her advocacy for mental health.

Witness Rebekah's unwavering commitment to her own healing journey as she sought trauma therapy not only for herself but also for her son, both deeply affected by the harrowing scenes of the bombing. The audience will be moved by her authenticity as she reveals the challenges she faced in finding comprehensive support, prompting her to take matters into her own hands.

Learn how Rebekah's personal quest for healing led her to establish Rebekah's Angels Foundation, a beacon of hope for individuals navigating their own traumatic experiences. Discover the profound impact of her foundation, providing vital resources and support to those in need, filling the gaps she encountered on her own path to recovery.

“Transforming Pain Into Purpose” offers invaluable insights into how everyone can contribute to their own mental healing. With a message that resonates universally—that everyone faces their own metaphorical bombs in life—Rebekah empowers the audience to embrace vulnerability, acknowledge their pain, and seek the help they deserve.

She Will Rise
Finding Power in Every Woman’s Story

Tailored for women's groups, this presentation combines Rebekah's remarkable story of survival during the Boston Marathon bombing with a heartfelt exploration of the unique challenges women face in society.

Rebekah shares her deeply personal experience of shielding her son during the tragic events in Boston, demonstrating the strength inherent in motherhood and the powerful resilience that women bring to the forefront in times of adversity. As a survivor, she delves into the universal theme of overcoming obstacles and finding strength in the face of life-altering challenges.

This talk is more than a recounting of one woman's journey; it's a call to action for women to recognize the importance of pouring into their own lives. Rebekah addresses the societal pressures and expectations that often weigh heavily on women, emphasizing the need to prioritize self-care and personal growth. Through her story, Rebekah inspires women to rise above societal norms and embrace their innate resilience.

"She Will Rise" is a celebration of the strength and resilience unique to women. Rebekah's message resonates with the challenges faced by women today, offering a roadmap for navigating adversity and finding purpose in every circumstance.

Rebekah Gregory
Featured Book

Taking My Life Backby Rebekah Gregory

Taking My Life Back

by Rebekah Gregory

Rebekah Gregory
Featured Reviews

Rebekah Gregory
Featured Articles & Resources

"This is the day I take my life back..."

Boston Marathon bombing survivor, mom, speaker and superwoman Rebekah Gregory crossed the finish line again at this year’s Boston Marathon! Two years ago, Rebekah was at the...
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An Open Letter to Boston Bombers

Dear Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, My name is Rebekah Gregory. We don't really know each other and never will. But over the last two years, I have seen your face not only in pictures, but...
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Rebekah Gregory

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