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Being born without arms has come with its challenges, to say the least. Some normal easy tasks that you might do on a daily basis are not necessarily easy and normal for me to do. I do everything everyone else does, I just do them in my own way. Some of these tasks are easy, but others are a bit more challenging.

For example, changing my clothes as I get ready for the day. It may seem like such a simple no-brainer that you do every day, but for me it can be a bit more complicated. Such as what I'm wearing for the day. Am I wearing a button up shirt? Am I going to put a belt on? How cold is it outside, should I put on a jacket (even though I hardly ever do, just ask my wife)? This is just one of many many examples of how getting through life is a bit different in my shoes (that I barely wear).

I'll admit, there have been times, and sometimes even still, when there's a task that seems way too difficult for me to accomplish. I remember growing up and learning to play the cello, my teacher and I would work at different ways that I could hit the notes, and we would try different combinations of toe techniques so that I would be able to learn the song I was on. I'm telling you right now as proof, I hated that! I remember so vividly seeing the notes in front of me and saying something to her on the lines of, "Mrs. Petry, there is no way I can get that note that fast...I just can't do it!" Hmm, doesn't sound like me does it? Well, it's true. Another example is when my son Landon was born, and I was just sitting there thinking, "There is absolutely no way I can change his diapers..." But, I tried and tried, and after a couple of times I sort of got the hang of it! I'm still not very good, but it's not impossible. 

I could go on and on about different obstacles and challenges in my life that I have had to overcome, but that would take too long and you would probably close this page out and go back to Facebook.

The truth is, we all are going to face challenges in our lives. Some of them may in fact seem impossible to achieve or to overcome. It's so easy to say, "I can't". But what I've learned is that the best kind of challenges are the ones that seem impossible. Those are the ones that push our limits and show us  what we are capable of, and most of the time we're surprised at what we find out. 

So I urge you, don't give up. Never quit. Stand strong and keep pressing forward. Don't let the challenges of this life hold you back, but instead let them push you to be better and to try harder after you fail at first. Believe me, if an armless klutz like me can do it, so can you!

Toes On The Touchscreen,


Source: George Dennehy

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