A More Confident Me


Throughout my whole life, one of the biggest things that's held me back is my own lack of self-confidence. Nothing screams "you're a weirdo" like being out in public and always being stared at. I'll be honest, it's pretty unnerving being out to eat and seeing people out of my peripheral glancing over with a look of disgust. Or walking around at the mall and seeing people eye me down as I walk past them. 

Dealing with people's stares makes it easy to look at myself negatively. To me, I see myself through the way other people see me, and that's the problem. It's so easy for me to become self conscious about not having arms when someone looks at me weird or whispers something about me as I pass them by. How interesting it is that we care so much of what strangers think of us. It's a dangerous cycle to fall into as we live our lives, and I am one of the biggest victims of this. 

Eventually I had to decide to change they way I think and act out in public, because the more I noticed all the little stares and whispers, the more dark my heart became; the more negative I viewed myself which in turn led to a depressed and lonely me. 

I believe that the less we care what the world thinks of our appearance, the more free we will feel. The fact that we as humans care so much of strangers' opinion of the way we appear is silly to me, but all the more real. Confidence is one of those feelings we all want to have, we all need to have. If you ask me, it starts with us learning to live in the bodies that we're born with. The way we look is a part of who we are, and we should never be ashamed of that. I know it's so much easier said than done, and I am far from truly getting there. Who knows, maybe we can never fully get there, because we will always have our bad moments. But I know that we can always make positive strides to a more confident and joyful version of ourselves. 

I'll leave you with this; We are who we are, we look the way we look. We can't change what can never be changed. The best thing we can do is to accept who we are, pay no mind to stranger's opinions of the way we look, and to keep our perseverance to be always moving forward as confident and happy versions of us!

Source: George Dennehy

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