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Dave Logan: TED: Tribal Leadership
Dave Logan: TEDx: Make a Genius Tribe

Dave Logan

Internationally Recognized Expert on Leadership and Organizational Culture

About Dave Logan

Dave Logan is the New York Times #1 bestselling author of Tribal Leadership and The Three Laws of Performance. He is a consultant to dozens of Fortune 500 companies and is endorsed by some of the most successful Leaders in the world. Dave is called an expert in organizational management, a guru in leadership, and a cultural transformationalist.

Dave's business is business culture. He brings culture into sync with markets, strategy, and all parts of a business, resulting in high performance, ...

Dave delivered a keynote to our internal staff that was fantastic! His insight & engaging presence greatly added to their experience. Dave not only received a perfect score for his presentation from our employees but he made the experience enjoyable . . .

Michael Molina, Chief HR Officer - Vistage International

His five culture stages have been a thought-provoking breakthrough for our organization as we strive to be a global, seamless and integrated, service provider. . . . teachings on Tribal Leadership have helped to 'redefine what is possible' for our people.

Andrew Cohen, Executive Director - Gensler

In formal evaluations from the participants, they remarked on Dave's ability to provide clarity to confusing & complicated concepts, his natural energy, and turning ideas into actionable steps that moved us toward greater collaboration and profitability.

Paulo Rocha, Director - Odebrecht
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