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Crystal Washington

Futurist | Technology Strategist | Author

Crystal Washington
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Crystal Washington
Featured Keynote Programs

Harness Generative Al like ChatGPT for Enhanced Performance

• Gain an understanding of the mechanics of generative Al, its boundaries, and its optimal applications.
• Grasp the profound implications of tools like ChatGPT for the future of your industry.
• Develop strategies for seamlessly integrating generative Al into your existing systems to amplify your outcomes. 
• Navigate the ethical considerations and adopt best practices for harnessing generative Al's potential in the realm of business applications. 

Futureproof Yourself
Innovate & Thrive in Times of Uncertainty

• Unlock the true potential of the future, allowing you to shape and wield it for unparalleled success.
• Discover the most underappreciated gems of innovation-ones that are already in your possession.
• Construct a robust framework to future-proof both your career and organization, ensuring you thrive through uncertainty and turmoil. 

The Future is NOW
Technology & Trends That Will Revolutionize

• Decode the intriguing shifts in human behavior that are driving innovation within organizations.
• Unearth the top five groundbreaking technologies poised to disrupt or revolutionize your industry.
• Depart equipped with the means to activate fresh strategies while effortlessly staying ahead of the ever-evolving trends!

NextGen Sales Connections
The Future's Tech-Powered Growth Strategies

• Master the art of reaching out to clients under pressure, avoiding potential pitfalls.
• Elevate your personal brand online with effective strategies.
• Transform from a standard-issue salesperson to a superhero in the eyes of your clients, especially during challenging times.
• Harness the power of tech tools to propel your clients, partners, and prospects from "What now?" to "WOW!" 

Crystal Washington
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Crystal Washington

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