Stewart Levine

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Stewart Levine

Managing By Agreement: The New MBA

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Oakland , California, United States
About Stewart Levine

Stewart Levine is a creative problem solver widely recognized for creating agreement and empowerment in the most challenging circumstances. He improves productivity while saving the enormous cost of conflict. His innovative work with "Agreements for Results" and his "Resolutionary" conversational models are unique.

As a practicing lawyer Stewart Levine realized that fighting was a very ineffective way of resolving problems. As a marketing executive for AT&T he saw that the reason ...

Successful innovations in the work environment can be transferred to the home, family and friends. Applying your ideas in my personal life has resulted in more satisfying and productive relationships. You have developed a very important innovation.

Jan Gould - Visa, USA

I want to personally express how much I appreciated your energy and sharing at our conflict resolution sessions. It's always a treat to watch, listen and learn from a master. There was a definite buzz for more from our participants.

Maya Lynn Gon-Zella - University of San Francisco

I have used your model to approach many business situations . . . The model helps provide a format for all involved to move to the center and clearly understand expectations. From here it makes it easier to reach and keep lasting business agreements.

Thomas Struttmann - Caterpillar
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