Chris Riddell

Chris Riddell innovation, change, NSB Chris Riddell innovation, change, NSB

Chris Riddell Speech Topics

CREATIVE. CONNECTED. CURIOUS. The most innovative leaders in the future will face more unknown unknowns and will thrive in a world in chaos and continual flux. This is the beginning of the next wave of cultural transformation to become true business leaders. Chris will take your audience on a...
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INTELLIGENT. INNOVATIVE. INSTANT. The most innovative organizations are architecting extraordinary human experiences for both employees and customers. This is the experience revolution underpinned by super platforms. Our world is changing every minute, and so do our expectations as humans. Chris...
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FORESIGHT. RESILIENCE. UNLEARNING. High performing teams in the future will be determined by their ability to learn, unlearn and relearn. Learning will drive performance and they are dependent on one another. Chris will show how we are finding new ways of being and working, to build resilience -...
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Customized Themes
1. THE NEW CUSTOMER What will the customer of 2030 look like... think like... behave like? And can we predict their needs before even they know what they want? 2. REINVENTED BUSINESS When our ‘business as usual’ is anything but... how can we continue to grow, thrive and innovate? What could...
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