Fundraising for Startups Mentoring

This “Fundraising for Startups Mentoring” Program will help you see fundraising from a fresh perspective.  You’ll take a 360-degree  view of your situation and prepare for any contingency.  

According to the I Ching  (ancient Chinese wisdom) the word for making progress is composed of two symbols: Clarity and Light Open and Receptive.

Whatever stage you are in, seed, angel, venture capital, etc., if you can get clear about what you want and be open to my mentoring:

I can help you lighten up about fundraising and feel confident to meet with investors.
You will learn to tell your story in a deep and meaningful way (so that the right backers for your project will be able to find you.)
You will have created stories about your startup that capture investor interest and illustrate how you will generate substantial profits for them.

The Founder of the Toigo Foundation, Sue Toigo, has raised millions of dollars to help young people of color get business degrees. She says, "I've never raised as much money as while Shar was mentoring me. She painlessly instilled in me the importance of allowing other people to help me with the mission. She left me with tools to make fundraising, which had been the most onerous part of my work into one of my easier tasks."

Shar McBee has  been helping people raise money for over thirty years. 

Shar warns:  The following things will stop you  from getting a YES… 

1. Failing to make the shift from getting to giving. 

In this program you will learn to reframe how you approach investors. Rather than trying to GET their money, approach it with, "This is what I have to GIVE  to help YOU  (the investor)  get what you want."

Even if you are thinking, "I have nothing to give and I need them to give me half a million dollars.”…  You are not asking investors for a hand-out. You are bringing something to them that they want, something that's going to generate profits for them. 

This is the re-framing we will be doing when we work together. Simple things you can do that will make a big difference.  They will change your situation almost immediately.

Even though it took me years to learn these things and arrive at this understanding,  I can help you get there quickly.

2. Sometimes the obstacle is lack of detachment. 

It is a yogic principle. When you are attached to getting a YES, a certain outcome, you lose all your power. It can completely disempower you. The person who is the most detached is  the winner.

3. Sometimes the obstacle lies in obstinance. 

An insistence on only one way of proceeding can bring things to an impasse.
You may either continue banging your head against an immovable object, or you might step back and survey the situation from a fresh perspective.

Which is immobile — the obstruction or your attitude?

I can guide you on this.  Because I've been helping people raise money for 30 years, I can spot it quickly. 

You can develop a new awareness, a fresh perspective.

The changes that you need to make are quite small but people usually don't do them. I think the reason people don't do it is because they have a lifetime of doing the other thing.

They are deeply ingrained in the "getting” habit.  So it is not enough to just know that it is in giving that we receive, it requires a  re-wiring in the way that you think about things. Also, it requires changes in the way that you talk, the way that you project yourself, and the way that you connect with people.

Everything will change as a result of a small shift.  It sounds so easy, but people need guidance and mentoring to help them implement this small change.

I've been writing and speaking about this since 1994.  My first book is entitled “To Lead is to Serve”  and  I still find myself "getting. " I did it recently with my landlord, but then caught myself and switched from trying to get her to fix my broken pipe, to giving her a load of kindness. When I did, she sent six plumbers to stop the leak.

How this mentoring program works:

It begins with a 3-month course. We meet as a group on zoom. (Each meeting is one hour long. 3 meetings per month. )  Then a monthly follow-up meeting for 18 months.

Investment: $1200 for the course, plus 3% of the money you raise in the next 18 months.

You have already raised some funding, but it is not enough.
You have the requirements in place for startups, but you are stuck.
You have a good product to offer, but it is not taking off.

If Shar McBee can help you accomplish what you want to achieve, she will tell you.  (Or she will recommend another source.)  Call Shar to discuss it:  917-575-538

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