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September 13, 2020
The Frogger Principle
By Josh Linkner
Charles married Diana, the Iran hostage crisis ended, and the Post-It note was born. But the thing about 1981 that I'll remember most: Frogger. One month before my 11th birthday, the iconic arcade game came to life ...
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September 12, 2020
Why Poetry? Let Me Count the Ways
By Evan Robb
By Timothy Rasinski, Ph.D Anyone who has followed my work in the past knows that I am a huge advocate for the use of poetry (and song) in the literacy classroom for all students, but especially for younger ...
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September 11, 2020
PAST: Jeanne Bliss | 9/25 at 12 ET
By Jeanne Bliss
Would You Do That To Your Mother? The "Make Mom Proud"; Standard for How to Grow Your Business. The most beloved companies are rooted in trust. In belief. In their humanity. And in a deliberate ...
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September 09, 2020
Control Your New Normal with a Focus on Significance
By Daniel Burrus
Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, I have been busier than ever, talking with C-suite executives from Fortune 500 companies to small start-ups and mom-and-pop shops, all with ...
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September 08, 2020
Customer Experience: From Consistency to Excellence
By Lior Arussy
The call that came in was a regular call.A customer notified the dealership that he would bring in his car for service.The request, however, was very unusual.The customer requested a loaner car but not just any loaner car, the ...
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September 08, 2020
Deliberate Getaway
By Dan Thurmon
Getting away doesn't require an enormous investment, or a distant destination. It might not even require moving more than a few steps. What you need to “get away” depends on your own desire and a personal plan of action. ...
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September 06, 2020
The Unusual Suspects
By Josh Linkner
London's Savile Row is a historic street that's home to many of the world's finest suit makers. For over 200 years, discerning gentlemen travel from around the world to order handmade suits and clothing from expert ...
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September 02, 2020
Why I Gave My Keynote Speech to An Empty Auditorium: My Pandemic Pivot
By Curtis Zimmerman
What do you do when you have to share your message with 2,000 people but they can't be in the same room? In my keynote speech, one of my central messages is to "stop ...
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September 02, 2020
How Do We Rebuild Trust in the New Normal?
By Daniel Burrus
This growing lack of trust can have serious consequences as we try to reverse the economic meltdown as a result of the global pandemic and bring about positive change and growth in what many are ...
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September 01, 2020
7 ways to survive virtual school.
By Jon Acuff
Congratulations on becoming a homeschooler! What's that you say? You didn't sign up to be a homeschooler? You didn't make that choice? Ahh, don't worry, 2020 made it for you. This weirdo year keeps rolling ...

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