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Amanda Gore

Amanda Gore is a business woman, an award winning USA Hall of Fame speaker, CEO of The Joy Project, Huffington Post Columnist and an author, with over a million views on youtube.

She works with organizations to reenergize and bring joy and engagement back into their people, culture and leadership.


• Is Australian, very funny and blends life experience, humor, stories, and science to teach practical skills and tools and entertain the audience.

• Shows how joy can increase productivity and sales and reduce stress and burnout.

• Is a physical therapist with a major in psychology, and shares the latest research in neuroscience, epigenetics, positive psychology, quantum physics and emotional intelligence with stories to help people achieve their goals through joyful workplaces and strong relationships.

• Focuses on helping people feel good about themselves – because everything in life and business is about feelings.

• Is dedicated to inspiring and facilitating lasting change – while people laugh and learn.

Quote from Amanda: “In this age of unlearning the ways we used to work and live, and re-learning new ways to engage and connect with ourselves and our teams and live our lives, mental health issues are sky rocketing. Joy increases productivity 31%, sales 37% and reduces burnout 125% and is the antidote to our mental health crisis. There are many aspects of Joy that can transform mindsets – and hearts. Creating joyful cultures, joyful people and actually focusing on joy as a business strategy works!

The antidote to burnout is joy.

Amanda Gore
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Amanda Gore
Featured Keynote Programs

Managing Change – Choosing Opportunity Over Fear

Change and stress go hand in hand. Participants will learn about how the brain actually can and does change (neuroplasticity); that adults can learn more quickly than children; and that our brains need change to stay vibrant and alert. This session will transform the way people perceive change. Instead of being a stressor – Amanda will demonstrate how change can be welcomed as an opportunity to grow and develop.

This is a fun session designed to:

  • Address today’s tough economic climate
  • Put things in perspective and
  • Have people refocus on what’s important.

The Same But Different – Are Women Really from Venus?

Do you wonder if the opposite sex really does come from another planet?

Are you frustrated because you have no idea how your partner thinks and there is no logic to what they say or do? Do you just wish they were just more like you?

Amanda will show you how to bridge the communication gaps between men and women - without wanting to slap them! Using science, experience and her mothers’ wisdom, Amanda will give you strategies that work - and make you laugh

The Neuroscience of Leadership - What Leaders Should Know about Feelings and Performance

Neuroscience is the scientific study of the nervous system, which doesn’t sound relevant to leadership – but as leaders and team members are humans, our nervous systems control pretty much everything in our bodies, so linking the two is important!

A leaders job is threefold:

  1. To create an environment in which people can be the best they can be (linked to the nervous system which affects performance, creativity, innovation and happiness)
  2. To help people believe in themselves
  3. To change people’s behavior (and yes, neuroscience shows us it’s possible)

We might think the nervous system is just the brain – but the heart and stomach have millions of ‘brain’ cells (neurons) in them – so you ‘think’ and feel with your heart and gut as well! All leadership – or sales or customer service or teamwork or culture – is based on feelings. How you feel about yourself… and how you make others feel.

This session blends latest findings in neuroscience, epigenetics, emotional intelligence, positive psychology and some common sense in a really funny way – we promise you will laugh! But wait, there’s more, it is full of relevant information and skills that will help you be a better leader – whether that role is part of your title or not!

From Burnout To Joy

The last two years has taken its toll on everyone! Bathed in uncertainty about EVERYTHING, our physical, mental, emotion and spiritual wellbeing has been seriously impacted. Many of us are living with fear, unmotivated, anxious, stressed and feeling burnt out. 

This keynote or training is geared around the new skills required to rise up out of the exhaustion and fear and rediscover the joy of living. Simple, easy to do activities and ways to change our mindsets and perceptions will help your team build resilience and leave them with an inner compass! This inner compass will be the way people can navigate their way back to feeling energised and enthusiastic about life again.

Our inner compass can help us:
• Re-calibrate relationships and re-imagine joy
• Re-energise and re-align your team
• Re-inspire, re-focus and re-store meaning
• Re-ignite confidence and enthusiasm
• Reconnect hearts - virtually and physically
• Stay sane and even thrive while navigating an uncertain future

We have never experienced a time like this before. Mental health issues are skyrocketing. Fear and uncertainty are undermining people's health, work and relationships - We are re-examining what JOY (and living) actually looks and feels like - and what really matters to us.

Now, more than ever, we need to re-consider everything that is going on and educate people about different perspectives and give them the skills to deal with the 'uncertain and constantly changing new normal’. And also to give them a good laugh! Which in itself changes physiology.

To keep teams connected, motivated and maintaining a sense of purpose and belonging is challenging in good times when everyone is physically present. 

It's a whole new world working these days, returning to work, hybrid offices, work life balance, burnout, juggling children and working from home and being disconnected physically from others. 

I designed this material to address all the above issues and re-store some sense of control in people no matter where they are. And to establish the deep connections people are craving.

This whole experience can be seen as a time of devastation and depression - or it can be seen as an opportunity to do many things that can make positive changes in our lives, and the choice is ours. This keynote gives you the tools and mindset to choose wisely.

Other Aspects Amanda Can Incorporate…

  • Re-activate our full human potential and our humanity
  • To fill us with life force
  • To fully engage in life and living
  • To re-create the life we really want
  • To re-engage us with our passion, meaning and purpose at work
  • The choice is ours. This keynote gives you the tools and mindset to choose wisely

Amanda Gore
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