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David Horsager, MA, CSP, CPAE is the CEO of Trust Edge Leadership Institute, national bestselling author of The Trust Edge, inventor of the Enterprise Trust Index , and director of one of the nation's foremost trust studies: The Trust Outlook . His work has been featured in prominent publications such as Fast Company, Forbes, The Huffington Post, and The Wall Street Journal. David has advised leaders and delivered life-changing presentations on six continents, with audiences ranging everywhere from FedEx, Toyota and global governments to the New York Yankees and the Department of Homeland Security.

David Horsager
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Speaking Reel
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What Are The 8 Pillars Of Trust?
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TEDx: What's trust got to do with it?
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David Horsager
Featured Keynote Programs

The Trust Edge
What Top Leaders have and 8 Pillars to Build it Yourself

Trust is a fundamental, bottom line issue. Without it, leaders lose teams, salespeople lose sales, and organizations lose reputation, retention of good people, relationships and revenue. But with trust, individuals and organizations enjoy greater creativity, productivity, freedom, and results. Through David’s industry-leading research The Trust Outlook™ and firsthand experience working with the world’s highest performing organizations, David reveals how top leaders and organizations drive business results to become the most trusted in their industry.

Key Takeaways:

· The actionable framework you can use immediately to build trust and solve your biggest challenges

· The HOW-HOW-HOW process to spark momentum, see immediate results and inspire trust

· The newest research on how to develop trust individually, in your team and in your organization – or go extinct in the new economy

Leading with Trust
How High Performance Leaders Increase Business Results

Trust is the fastest way to increasing influence, impact and business results – yet many leaders are frustrated when their teams avoid accountability, stop push forward priorities or refuse to stay engaged. From firsthand experience working with global leaders around the world, David shows leaders how to increase engagement and earn the trust of those you lead.

Key takeaways:

The 6 steps to engaging and motivating your team
How to generate instant momentum through the 90 Day Quick Plan
How to align your team, break down silos and focus on push forward priorities

Drive Performance and Culture with Trust
Your Greatest Competitive Advantage

The single uniqueness of the greatest organizations of all time is trust. For the trusted brand, people pay more, come back and tell others – this strategic advantage of being trusted is what separates high performance organizations from their competitors, leading to greater profitability, more impact and better workplaces. In this program, David shares case studies and the actionable framework used by organizations around the world to build communities and cultures of trust.

Key takeaways:

3 ways to make trust more relevant and applicable to your culture
How to identify counterforces to trust
How to start a movement to build a culture of trust

Trust Edge for Sales
How to Win More Business and Accelerate Results

Trust increases or decreases in every single interaction – what steps are you taking with your prospects, existing clients and loyal advocates to earn and keep their business? Through David’s industry leading research The Trust Outlook™ and firsthand experience working high performing sales teams, David reveals how top sales performers build trust in every aspect of the sales process to win more business and become the trusted choice.

Key Takeaways:

The specific steps to increase trust and accelerate your sales cycle
The #1 action that top sales performers do to build trust with new prospects, highlighted from the newest Trust Outlook™ research
The six questions to create focus, clarity and consistent sales

David Horsager
Featured Books

The Trust Edgeby David Horsager

The Trust Edge

by David Horsager
Driveby David Horsager


by David Horsager
Build Trustby David Horsager

Build Trust

by David Horsager
Leading With Trustby David Horsager

Leading With Trust

by David Horsager

David Horsager
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David Horsager
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