Ayesha Khanna

Ayesha Khanna, Artificial Intelligence Ayesha Khanna, Artificial Intelligence

Ayesha Khanna Speech Topics

Automation, AI & The Future of Work
Five years from today, which industries will still require human labor and which will be automated to robots and algorithms? How can individuals prepare themselves and be innovative so that they can work effectively with artificial intelligence? As founder of innovation advisory company...
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Hybrid Reality: 5 Trends That Will Transform Humanity
In an age of ceaseless technology disruptions, there are deep patterns revealing how technology is reshaping our societies and businesses. In particular, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality and robotics are breakthrough technologies that will fundamentally alter life and work as we know...
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Smart & Sustainable Cities: The Future of Urban Living
By 2030, 70 percent of humanity will live in cities, the world’s capital and talent hubs. New technologies such as the Internet of Things and Big Data are being widely deployed in cities new and old, to improve infrastructure and quality of life, and to promote entrepreneurial matchmaking. As a...
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Cultivating a Culture of Innovation: Winning the New Talent War
How can firms create a culture of creativity and entrepreneurial thinking? Successful companies have to motivate employees and freelancers, often in far-flung networks, using new platforms and tools that leverage specialized skills. Meanwhile, the talent wars are intensifying due to both...
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