Valerie Ramsey | Began a mid-life corporate career at 53, started modeling at 63, and became a published author and speaker at 68

Valerie Ramsey

Began a mid-life corporate career at 53, started modeling at 63, and became a published author and speaker at 68

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Valerie Ramsey
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Aging Gracefully
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Creating What’s Next – Gracefully

Valerie gives valuable advice and information on how to create your own What’s Next. Using examples from her own life and with entertaining, behind-the-scenes stories from the modeling & PR world, Valerie shares her secrets for navigating through life’s transitions, overcoming challenges and being a winner in the second half of life – and tells you how you can too.

Fit, Young, and Vital

Valerie believes that someone who is fit, strong, and vital has a glow and a confidence that is unmistakable. She discusses her own personal standards and those of recognized professionals on the components of inner and outer beauty. She shares advice on building self-confidence, nutrition, fitness, getting a good night’s sleep, healthy aging, and sexuality. Valerie reveals her own personal modeling tips on skin care, hair, and makeup.

“What’s Next?” Mind Power to Reinvent Your Life After Fifty

It’s simply not true that we have to look at retirement as the end—we should continue to explore life, challenge ourselves, and look around the corner to see “what’s next?”
Valerie discusses ways to create “What’s Next” in your life and shares with you how she went from being a stay-at-home mother of six to entering the corporate world in her 50’s to becoming a model and author in her 60’s.

Nourish Your Soul and Enrich Your Life

Valerie shares advice on connecting the body and mind to the soul. She discusses how to believe in and follow your dreams using techniques such as visualization and journaling. Valerie proposes ways to nurture relationships with friends and family. She believes that when body, mind, and soul are in alignment, the possibilities for adventure, growth, and excitement are limitless.

Valerie Ramsey
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Valerie Ramsey

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