Ty Bennett

Ty Bennett, Story, Marketing NSB, story, storytelling, storybrand, mlm, direct sales, Top 10 Network Marketing Ty Bennett, Story, Marketing NSB, story, storytelling, storybrand, mlm, direct sales, Top 10 Network Marketing

Ty Bennett Text Reviews

Ty is a talented trainer and expert story teller. His storytelling training is the best I have had in the 7 years I have worked at Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation.
Morgan Richards - Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation
Everyone left that day feeling energized. I believe everyone was impressed with Ty's personable style and helping us all to start thinking outside the box in today's difficult climate.
Kelli Katlin - Blue Cross
His gentle and sincere presentation style is like nothing I have seen before in such a powerful keynote. In survey feedback, one attendee said "I have never, ever seen such a great presentation!
Jodi Hoynoski - Holstein Foundation
Great presenter! Very motivating, provided some interesting tips to influence and make strong relationships.
SHRM Nebraska State Council
Super solid material. Stories are powerful and this book shows you exactly how to craft them and be more influential and persuasive in all that you do.
Todd Falcone, Network Marketing Leader and Professional Speaker
I have heard countless mentors talk about the importance of telling your story or that network marketers are highly paid storytellers - but I have never had anyone break it down and teach the process of storytelling in such a clear and concise manner. Thank you!
Charles Reed - PrePaid Legal
Ty, you are very sincere and genuine, not salesy or gimmicky, which are great attributes. I felt like a student at a master's feet learning some very valuable skills and tools.
Doug Lange - Melaleuca
My initial thoughts were "here is another speaker my company has hired to wake us up this morning ". My impression changed within the first 2 minutes of him starting his presentation! Ty's message was not only direct & simple but it served a purpose, it was relatable because it was real and he controlled the room.
Erik Malmos - Aureus Medical
You've provided us with the storytelling tools for more interesting and engaging conversations. Our team walked away from the session motivated and determined to change how they approach conversations moving forward.
Holly Boyer - Interstate Emergency Recovery