Steve Russell | Leader in Hunt and Capture of Saddam Hussein, Author of 'We Got Him!'

Steve Russell

Leader in Hunt and Capture of Saddam Hussein, Author of 'We Got Him!'

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Steve Russell

Steve Russell brings unique experiences perhaps like no other when it comes to leadership. Whether serving as a soldier, national speaker, critically acclaimed author, small businessman, aviator, pastor or serving the public as a US Congressman, Steve Russell draws on his varied and enormous wealth of experiences to convey what it takes to build teams, lead them and get difficult things done.

Russell is the author of "We Got Him! A Memoir of the Hunt and Capture of Saddam Hussein." The late Robin Moore, author of The Green Berets and The French Connection praised Russell's book as "an extraordinary personal glimpse of the war. A monumental credit to himself, his troops, and the United States of America," while General Tommy Franks calls it "a moving, gripping account of one of the most remarkable achievements of soldiering in a generation."

Russell has also been the subject of more than a half dozen documentaries and is widely known for his leadership, national security and foreign policy expertise. Through expert storytelling, he captivates audiences with the recounting of his personal experiences as a leader in the hunt and capture of Saddam Hussein while inspiring them with a message of hope.

Not some academic theorist, Russell draws on a lifetime of success in many fields whether battlefields, competitive business, public service, or the mission field. He can also provide expert guidance on the fundamentals of leadership, team-building, goal setting, negotiation, decision making under pressure, and follow-through until the task is complete.

Russell has a bachelors degree in Public Speaking and a masters degree in History. He retired from the US Army as a combat infantryman serving in Kosovo, Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq. He has been decorated for valor, meritorious achievement and service and is a graduate of both the US Army Ranger and Airborne schools. He founded Two Rivers Arms, a rifle manufacturing business whose Iraqi rifles were featured in Clint Eastwood's film "American Sniper." He served as both an Oklahoma State Senator and as a US Congressman. He has served as a youth, teaching and discipleship, and executive pastor.

Russell currently serves as the President and CEO of Jungle Aviation and Relay Service (JAARS), a 75-year mission aviation and support organization. He married his college sweetheart, has five grown children, three of whom are adopted and has three grandchildren. He believes that our legacy is not what we accomplish, but who we disciple and mentor to carry on the work.

Steve Russell
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Current: Sacred Honor

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Sacred Honor
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Steve Russell
Featured Keynote Programs

Leading in Times of Trouble

How do you deal with adversity and how can you provide vision in times of great stress and trouble? How can you motivate your team and provide vision when setbacks hit you hard but the mission is not over? Find the answers from a commander who was central to the hunt and capture of Saddam and learn incredible insights from a man who not only passed through the fires and trials of combat, but led others to great achievement. Well suited for corporate audiences.

Overlapping Circles
The Art of Negotiating the Impossible

How do you identify non-negotiables? How do you find common ground? How do you bring two sides together that hate each other? How do you maintain civilized standards in an increasingly uncivil and hateful climate? Learn the answers from someone who negotiated with dangerous battlefield enemies to get the mission done and who resolved political fights at the highest levels of government to improve the country or keep it from harm.

Building Teams, Leading Them, Getting Stuff Done

How do you build teams to accomplish tasks when they look impossible? How do you make tough decisions when the stakes are high? How do you get your team to take on the things that they know will be difficult but the results could be rewarding. Learn the answers from an experienced battlefield commander. This program is well-suited to corporate executives, leadership forums, law enforcement or any audience wanting to improve leadership skills.

The Hunt & Capture of Saddam Hussein

Learn how Saddam's shadowy network was discovered and how soldiers picked up the trail that led all the way to the hole where Saddam was ultimately captured. This program is rich with photos and firsthand experience, giving a unique understanding to any audience about one of the most historic events of our age.

Steve Russell
Featured Book

We Got Him!by Steve Russell

We Got Him!

by Steve Russell

Presents a description by a lieutenant colonel in the 1st Battalion, 22nd infantry regiment of the strategies and resources used in the hunt for Saddam Hussein, which resulted in his capture in December of 2003 in Operation Red Dawn.

Steve Russell
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Steve Russell
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Leadership Under Fire [INTERVIEW]

Skype Interview with Director of Spreaker Relations, Shawn Hanks Lt. Col. Steve Russell breaks down the neccessities of leadership, the essentials of teamwork,...
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Q&A: Steve Russell on Capturing Saddam Hussein

Lieutenant Colonel Steve Russell commanded the unit that was a central player in the hunt and capture of Saddam Hussein. LTC Russell speaks across the country, rallying the...
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Steve Russell

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