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Nick Santonastasso

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Nick Santonastasso

Nick Santonastasso is a global keynote speaker, entrepreneur and philanthropist that has trained over 1 million people LIVE on life and business psychology. He is certificatified in Neuro linguistic programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy as well as being an expert on Neuroplasticity. Despite being 26 Nick has taught alongside some of the greats like Steve Forbes, Ed Mylett and is currently serving on a world tour with his main mentor Tony Robbins. With over 1,000 hours learning from his mentors Nick has dedicated the past 5 years of his life studying psychology and human behavior to help those breakthrough their limitations and excel to the next level of life. With the passing of his brother Michael from an overdose Nick also pursued the path of helping those defeat mental health and substance abuse becoming a partner with WeLevelUp rehab facilities that serves people across the United States.

Nick Santonastasso
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From Victim to Victor
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Your Only LIMIT is YOU
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Nick Santonastasso
Featured Keynote Programs

Peak performance

Get ready for a high-octane journey towards peak performance, guided by the unstoppable Nick Santonastasso. In this dynamic speech, Nick's voice will echo the principles of resilience, determination, and unwavering focus that have propelled him to conquer seemingly insurmountable challenges. The audience will gain insights into unlocking their full potential, learning to turn obstacles into stepping stones and setbacks into comebacks. Nick's charismatic delivery will infuse the speech with an electrifying energy, emphasizing the importance of mindset and discipline in achieving peak performance. From setting audacious goals to cultivating a winning mentality, the audience will walk away with actionable strategies to elevate their personal and professional lives. Nick's voice, seasoned with grit and triumph, will leave an indelible imprint, inspiring individuals to push beyond their limits and embrace the path to peak performance with passion and purpose.

No More Excuses

Get ready to shatter excuses and unleash your full potential in this transformative speech, narrated with unwavering conviction by Nick Santonastasso. Nick's voice will serve as a rallying call, challenging the audience to cast aside excuses and take charge of their lives. The speech will explore the power of accountability, resilience, and determination, drawing on Nick's own experiences of overcoming obstacles with a no-excuses mindset. Listeners will gain practical insights on breaking free from self-imposed limitations, embracing challenges, and adopting a mindset of relentless perseverance. Nick's voice, infused with passion and authenticity, will leave an indelible mark, inspiring individuals to rise above excuses and chart a course towards personal and professional fulfillment. The audience will learn that the path to success begins with a commitment to action, and with Nick as their guide, they'll be empowered to embrace a life of purpose and achievement, free from the constraints of excuses.


Prepare to embark on a riveting journey of resilience and triumph against all odds, narrated by the indomitable Nick Santonastasso. In this gripping speech, Nick's voice becomes a beacon of strength as he shares his personal narrative of resilience, conquering adversity with an unwavering spirit. The audience will delve into the art of bouncing back from life's challenges, learning invaluable lessons on facing setbacks head-on and emerging stronger. Nick's unique perspective, delivered with authenticity and raw emotion, will inspire individuals to harness their inner strength, embrace change, and transform obstacles into opportunities. Through compelling anecdotes and practical insights, the audience will leave with a newfound understanding of resilience as a powerful force for personal growth and success, carrying Nick's empowering voice as a guide on their own journey to beating the odds.

This story is just one example of Nick’s attitude on life, or as he puts it: “The biggest motivational speech that you can give me, is telling me that I can’t do something.”

Guided by grace
have faith and let God lead your journey

In this soul-stirring speech guided by Nick Santonastasso, we'll delve into the transformative power of faith and the unwavering belief that, with God, all things are possible. Nick's voice, steeped in authenticity and conviction, will lead the audience through a journey of spiritual resilience and divine guidance. The speech will explore Nick's personal experiences, demonstrating how faith became the cornerstone of his triumph over challenges. Listeners will gain insights into cultivating a deep, unshakeable faith that transcends adversity, providing strength and purpose in every step of life's journey. Nick's voice will resonate with a message of hope, inspiring individuals to trust in a higher power and embrace the profound influence of faith in navigating the complexities of life. Through anecdotes and heartfelt reflections, the audience will learn that, with faith, they can navigate challenges with grace, find solace in adversity, and embark on a path illuminated by the divine light of God's guidance.

Nick Santonastasso
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Victim to Victorby Nick Santonastasso

Victim to Victor

by Nick Santonastasso

Nick Santonastasso
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