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Dawnna St Louis is the CEO of Next Up Now, an Innovation Consultancy. In her day-to-day role she predicts the future of business and re-energizes...
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Spent over four years cycling round the world.
Alastair Humphreys spent over four years cycling round the world, a journey of 46,000 miles through 60 countries and 5 continents - an epic journey...
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Author of "ReClaiming Our Calling" and "Renegade Leadership"
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"When we were looking for a practicing administrator who understood the practical aspects of technology integration as well as the pedagogical ...
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Building Better Business Brains
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Listening to Brynn Winegard's 'Secrets to Success' keynote presentation is like watching your favorite movie again for the first time. I had the ...
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Entrepreneur & Author
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Following his keynote, we put Grant in the largest room we had for a workshop, and it was still standing room only!
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Political and Economic Analyst, Award-Winning Journalist and Broadcaster
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I rise to pay tribute, along with others, to a journalist and a gentleman, a lion of the press . . . From health insurance to Watergate to Meech ...
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Author of "Happiness", Former CEO of Kraft Foods Canada and Best Brands
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Doug's authenticity, wit and wisdom combine to draw in the audience and keep them engaged. He stands out among speakers I have heard by anchoring ...
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We've received nothing but rave reviews from our annual conference attendees! Steve provides a road map for managing both professional and ...
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Extensive experience teaching health care executives, managers and physicians
Mr. Bonney is currently senior vice president for the Saint Luke's Health System in Kansas City, Missouri. He has more than 30 years of senior...
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Staying Safe in a #MeToo World; Stop Domestic Violence Before It Starts
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Beatty Cohan brings incredible passion and insight to her work. We can all benefit from her understanding of human relationships and how to ...
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New York  
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HGTV’s Hometown, General Contractor and Adoption Advocate
Speaker Jonathan Walters has been a licensed General Contractor in Mississippi for almost a decade. Serving customers in both custom new...
Author of Five of the Best-Selling Business Books in History
Latest Review
Harvey Mackay is a guy who can stand at the cutting edge and see around the corner.
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Bringing Out the Best in People
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There is no one more professional than Rick. His content and humor were exactly on the mark for our group.
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Former Director of Communications for Harley-Davidson
One of the most in-demand and premium-fueled keynote speakers and communications consultants in America, Ken Schmidt has lived a life that most can...
Gulf War Leadership Specialist
Colonel Tim Collins OBE BSSc MA PSC Tim Collins was born in Belfast and educated in The Royal Belfast Academical Institution and Queen's University...
Developed Kentucky Fried Chicken & Kentucky Governor
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Governor Brown is a genius in his field, and his expertise and magnetic persona are like no other . . . he has been an inspiration of many ...
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Former NFL Linebacker and Healthcare Business-Development Professional, Entrepreneur Magazine Columnist, Peak-Performance Strategist
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Matt was a great asset as the Keynote speaker during our "Customer Appreciation Event." His presentation was beyond motivational and incredibly ...
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