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Sandy Thorne

Sandy Thorne - Australia's Funniest Yarnspinner

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Sandy Thorne
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The Characters of Outback Australia - Their Lifestyles, Spirit and Humour

Sandy never fails to enthrall her audiences with stories - hilarious, bizarre and inspiring - about the larger-than-life characters she has met and worked with on vast isolated stations in the outback and far north of Australia. As the only female in the mustering camps of the Gulf and Cape York, she worked with the toughest, most chauvo men in Australia, catching and breaking brumbies (mustangs) and wild bulls, and hunting crocs by night. Her ten best-selling books are based on her own experiences and as an entertaining yarnspinner and bush poet, she has no peer.She even managed to shock David Letterman on live television by biting the top off a stubbie (bottle) of beer with her teeth to demonstrate outback improvisation.

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Sandy Thorne

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