Chad Crittenden | TV's Survivor Contestant, Challenged Athlete, TEDx speaker

Chad Crittenden

TV's Survivor Contestant, Challenged Athlete, TEDx speaker

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Chad Crittenden

One year before appearing on CBS' hit TV show Survivor, Chad Crittenden was a bilingual teacher and in the prime of his life. He was diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma: a rare and deadly form of cancer. Treatment called for drastic surgery to remove his right foot, which eventually saved his life.

Chad went on to excel on Survivor, revealing after 2 days that he indeed had a prosthetic foot, unbeknownst previously to the other contestants. In the challenges that followed, Chad worked to prove himself, breaking down stereotypes and preconceived notions while inspiring millions.

Since that life changing experience, Chad has been a motivational speaker, a stay at home dad and a consultant. He divides his time between family, business travel, training for triathlon, mountain biking, snowboarding and most recently a summit of Mt. Whitney and then Mt. Kilimanjaro benefiting the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

Chad lives in Livermore, California with his wife and two children, and is very thankful for everything that he has. This last year Chad and his family celebrated his being cancer free for 10 years!

Chad Crittenden
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Current: TEDx: Creating Positive Outcomes

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Chad Crittenden
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Discover The Will To Survive

By telling audiences his story from surgery to Survivor, Chad helps them understand that overcoming obstacles is a normal part of life.

Chad illustrates his story and outlines the tools that helped him overcome adversity, survive cancer and excel on CBS' Survivor. While discussing the importance of utilizing our own circumstances, taking risks, and discovering new opportunities to grow, Chad relays his message and personal experiences to relate important life lessons in perseverance.

His realistic optimism, confidence, and self-assuredness serve as an example to individuals from varied backgrounds. Treat your group to this inspirational talk, as Chad shows them how to "Discover the Will to Survive."

The First Year Experience
Getting Off On The Right Foot (Even If You Don't Have One!)

From adjusting to college life to overcoming obstacles and achieving, Chad relates his experience on Survivor and shares skills he learned as University student to help Freshmen survive their First Year Experience. Using clever strategies he calls "Conceptual Tools", Chad outlines in detail the important concepts of Steps, Circumstances, Optimism, Risk and Experience to form S.C.O.R.E. - an acronym that provides students with something tangible to take with them into their first year and beyond.

Acknowledging Diverse Minds, Bodies, And Spirits

Chad Crittenden uses his "Survivor" experiences to supplement his own reality regarding the stereotypes and preconceived notions of those with physical challenges. This hands-on breakout involves the audience with intriguing questions and hopefully answers regarding this under acknowledged segment of the student body and society in general. Through his work with the Challenged Athletes Foundation, Chad has worked to break down the stigmas associated with disabilities and physical challenges.

Chad Crittenden
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Chad Crittenden

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