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Sam Geist

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Sam Geist's business roots were first established in a small sporting goods store in Toronto, Canada. With his belief that at start-up, business operation is 90% hard work, 10% know-how, he gradually grew The Outdoor Stores into a 15-store national sporting goods chain. In 1980, he sold his multi-million dollar organization to his largest competitor. That experience was invaluable in clarifying his understanding of sales and marketing, the marketplace and its customers.

Capitalizing on this ...

"I am still getting great reviews on your presentation at the Opening General Session. I knew I had a great success when I saw our President & CEO, Board of Directors and senior staff taking notes.

Albert B. Sears, Jr., Assistant Vice President - National Fire Protection Association International

There were many 'takeaways' from your talk that the dealers could put into practice immediately. . . . The excitement that you created had a direct effect on our sales goals for the conference which we exceeded by a considerable margin.

Justine Romano, Educational Services Coordinator - BioLab Inc.

You made all of us search within ourselves for answers to some tough questions. You've certainly provided an array of questions to help each of us assess our individual leadership strengths and potential areas for improvement.

Ken Knudten, Regional Agency, Administrative Assis - State Farm Insurance Companies

You challenged the audience by asking straightforward yet provocative questions. You did you homework about our industry and were able to relate current events to our business situation. Overall, as one attendee stated, "you left a lasting impression."

Jennifer Streitwieser - Senior Director, Human Resources Operations
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