Dr. Rob Murray | Researcher, Change Agent & Thought Leader in Emotional Intelligence and Transformational Leadership

Dr. Rob Murray

Researcher, Change Agent & Thought Leader in Emotional Intelligence and Transformational Leadership

Dr. Rob Murray

Rob is the CEO and co-founder of Transformed Leader, a leadership research, coaching, and consulting company that helps mission-driven organizations and leaders overcome their greatest challenges. Rob uses experiential and transformative learning processes to guide leaders who have become frustrated, depleted, and fragmented, trying to build enterprises with tools and resources that are no longer sufficient. Over the last fifteen years, Rob has worked at the intersection of Business, Leadership, and Social Justice. This journey led him to complete a Masters Degree in Social & Civic Entrepreneurship, and a Doctorate of Transformational Leadership.He is the host of the Talk of Change Podcast, opening up conversation around his work and research on Emotional Intelligence and Transformative Change. He is also the author of two books, The Human Operating System: Recovering the heart and soul of your leadership and Fighting for Heart: Why leaders are tired and what to do about it. He has been married 18+ years to his wife Natalie and lives with their four beautiful children in Franklin, Tennessee.

Dr. Rob Murray
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Many leaders leverage their intelligence (mind) and competence (strength) into positions of great influence only to pay the price as their efforts begin to break down over time and under the overwhelming demands and complexities of commerce. With half their human system offline (heart & soul), leaders become frustrated and depleted, susceptible to things like burnout, exhaustion, and anxiety.

We are paying a high price for such systemic collapse, and the cost shows up on the bottom line of financial statements, not to mention the bottom line of the human experience.

There is another way. Rob outlines and guides through the five transformative principles of the Human Operating System inviting participants to rethink the foundations on which they have built their life and leadership. He illustrates these principles with his own research and stories, including those of countless leaders, teams, and organizations who have fumbled forward towards the transformative journey of recovering the heart and soul of their leadership.


Why leaders are tired and what to do about it.
Resourcing his personal journey and his doctoral research at the intersection of Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Development, Rob invites leaders to fight for their hearts in ways that can transform and infuse blood back into their personal and professional lives.
Working with leaders across a vast spectrum of industry, most are hearing some version of that same message: “Get up, get out there, and deliver results. You can’t stop and don’t you dare drop.”

Rob helps audiences slow down to consider a strategy of success that includes accessing and including your heart rather than gate checking it at the door each morning when you show up to work. We are paying a high price in relationships and productivity in environments that fail to foster emotional connection and growth. Something essential inside us is dying. We are losing some fundamental element of the human experience, making Rob even more determined to help others fight for heart.
With his South African authenticity and leadership research, Rob invites audiences to learn about his Heart-Engaged EQ system to help recover and integrate their hearts to use it powerfully and unapologetically in every aspect of their life.


Crossing into Midlife with More Purpose, Intention, and Grace. Change is inevitable for every living human, but in some areas of our growth and development, we have a limited capacity to welcome, petition, delay, govern, or flat-out deny its existence. But you can’t hold out forever. A child will eventually look like and be considered an adult, whether they decide to behave like one. A young adult will eventually enter middle age, old age, and then finally die regardless of their desire to live forever. This is the beautiful and painful reality of being human, and we have been wrestling with it since the beginning of time.

What if we could better understand the midlife transition in ways that can support and inform your growth rather than leave you reeling or guessing? Don’t leave your life in the hands of apathy or gravity. What if we could have more confidence and courage in the way we impact the future of our world?

Rob Murray wrestles from within the trenches of his own midlife transition, which includes sewer drains, having a stroke, doctoral research, and the advice and expertise of others who have gone before him. The end result is a talk that illuminates a pathway of education, assurance, and inspiration to invite listeners to understand their own heart, soul, mind, and body journey and those of others around them.

Dr. Rob Murray
Featured Books

Fighting For Heartby Dr. Rob Murray

Fighting For Heart

by Dr. Rob Murray
The Human Operating System: Recovering the Heart and Soul of Your Leadershipby Dr. Rob Murray

The Human Operating System: Recovering the Heart and Soul of Your Leadership

by Dr. Rob Murray

Dr. Rob Murray
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Harnessing the power of emotional intelligence to transform the way you live, love, and lead.

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