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Rick's presentation exceeded our expectations. The most valuable point he taught the audience was to work on their time and purpose of their meeting on year out and to ensure that the message/theme is presented at each touch point.
Amy Castaldi - Convention Industry Council
Rick Barrera was exceptional. Never had I seen a speaker who knows his audience more. Unbelievable . . ."Overpromise and Overdeliver" plays so well into Wells' intense focus on the Customer Experience. I would recommend Rick in a heartbeat.
Brad L. Tolstedt - National Sales Manager, Wells Fargo Merchant Services
I have sat through dozens of presentations over the past 30 years and Rick was one of the most refreshing and informative presenters I have ever listened to. He gave you a lot of takeaway to help you improve your business.
Paul Harris - Notifier
Rick has a great style, the audience warms up rapidly and his message "Touch Point Branding" is interjected with just the right amount of humor. Many of our managers left wanting more information and will certainly be purchasing Rick's book.
Raymond L. Zaccagnini - Vice President Administration, Genlyte Group Inc.
Rick knew his audience and kept them engaged--especially when he hit on realities close to home. It's a great speaker who can make an audience look at themselves and start the wheels of change spinning, even when the change would be uncomfortable.
Sandra Carroll - Manager Travel Communications, AAA
You did a dynamic job for us. You really exceeded our expectations and WOWed our channel. Thank you for the research you did to make it personal for our audience and continue the conference message. It made all the difference!
Tammra Borrall - Senior Manager for Consultant Programs, Intuit
Outstanding way of delivering a customized presentation and capturing our Producers!
Yvonne Garcia - Senior Business Development Consultant, Signator Financial Network