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Riaz Meghji

Human Connection Keynote Speaker, TV Host and Moderator

About Riaz Meghji

Riaz Meghji is a human connection expert and bestselling author of the book "Every Conversation Counts: The 5 Habits of Human Connection That Build Extraordinary Relationships". His insights have been featured in Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, and Financial Post.

He is also an accomplished broadcaster with 17 years of television hosting experience; he has interviewed experts on current affairs, sports, entertainment, politics, and business.

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Riaz was a superb choice as keynote speaker for our hotel leadership conference! His message about authentic connection was timely and meaningful, and our attendees raved about his session. The hospitality business, and really every business, is about people! Riaz's tips for transcending small talk to get to extraordinary relationships were inspiring and practical for our attendees, both at work and in their personal lives. Riaz customized the message for our audience, even using specific hotel examples to make his points. He was invested in the mindset of the attendees, and he took time before and during the conference to connect with the producers and attendees alike. Highly recommend!

Jennifer Connell, VP and Global Brand Leader, Premium Distinctive and Collections Brands - Marriott International

Practical. Meaningful. Moving. Riaz's thought-provoking keynote at our Power of Connection conference was one of our highest rated sessions. He brought to life the realities of loneliness and the power we each have to create authentic human connection, especially in the exhausting and distracted world we live in. His vulnerability motivated our leaders to explore how we can cultivate collaborative relationships and build a more connected culture. I really appreciated Riaz's care in crafting the session based around the needs of our people and his skill in embedding insights about our specific team / business. He made our team feel heard & seen and it was exactly what our people needed as we close out a busy year and look forward to forging deeper connections in the new year.

Carissa Schmitz, VP, People, Strategy and Consulting - Thomson Reuters

If I had to describe his session it would be GAME-CHANGING. It struck a chord not just with me but with the entire audience, inspiring us to pause and think about how we can elevate our human connections as leaders and also as individuals and then translate that into business impact. I absolutely recommend this keynote as it has application for all industries and all departments. This session is not just meant for Sales and Marketing - it is meant for us as people - what we can do as a collective when focusing on human connection is limitless.

Kristi Tomasin, MBA, Director, Smartmail Marketing - Canada Post

Riaz reminds us all that empathy is a core business skill and that every conversation we have with peers, team members and customers can change outcomes and positively impact our relationships and business. Not only did Riaz inspire our participants with ideas, he empowered them to change their approach to interactions with others. He is easy to work with, well-prepared and customized his content to meet the challenges of our unique participants and their challenges in the current marketplace.

Jessie States, VP - Meeting Professionals International

Riaz provided dedicated and customized coaching to our hosts from beginning right through to the very end. He played to each of their strengths and provided these leaders with a simple framework to be able to fulfill their role of hosts in a way that was authentic to them. The result was tremendous. All our hosts were able to effectively tell their stories and connect to the audience in a way that was impactful. They delivered as host seamlessly - with a real confidence while showcasing a level of vulnerability that truly resonated with the audience. Thank you again Riaz for partnering with us.

Dawn Gordon, Senior Director, Internal Communications - Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

Riaz Meghji’s talk, Every Conversation Counts, was perhaps the most inspiring and impactful session at our recent virtual leadership conference — practical, meaningful, and motivating. Riaz has packaged a powerful message for leaders to put to work in everyday conversations. Thank you Riaz!

Walter Pela, Regional Managing Partner - KPMG
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