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Ravi Hutheesing

Education & Cultural Futurist

About Ravi Hutheesing

Ravi's journey as a rock star, aviator, cultural diplomat for the US Department of State, and keynote speaker is an inspiring example of how to pivot and succeed in an ever-changing world.

He is the first American-born descendant of India’s first family (which includes prime ministers Nehru and Gandhi), but his worldwide visibility skyrocketed in 1997 as the guitarist of triple-Grammy-nominee, Hanson, performing at the White House, Madison Square Garden, Saturday Night Live, Today ...

Ravi is a consummate professional that spends time researching and getting to know his audience enabling him to tailor his presentation specifically for each group. After the speech, Ravi actively engaged with the audience seeking feedback and continuing the discussions spurred by his presentation.

Matt Patton, Executive Director - California Agricultural Teachers Association

Ravi's inspirational presentation gives us all hope for the young people all around the world, that they can come together without biases and prejudgment and promote acceptance and diversity.

Gina Patterson, Exec. Director - VA School Boards Assoc.

I've been coming to NCE (National Conference on Education) for over 15 years and I think that this was the best keynote we have ever had.

David Schuler, Past President - AASA National Conference on Education

Ravi understands the relevance of the changes we need to make in education to connect with today's generation and bridge divides globally. His journey through life is a testament to the positive impact each one of us can make building connections and relationships. I am empowered to be part of that change to achieve world peace. Thank you Ravi for inspiring me!

Alina Davis, Board of Directors - Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development

Ravi delivered an outstanding opening keynote presentation for the 79th Annual Conference. He won the hearts of the attendees who are passionate about lifelong learning and the power of education to transform lives and the world. Ravi's message is powerful, and his purpose is inspirational.

Clare Roby, President - Association for Continuing Higher Education

A dynamic, engaging speaker who can charm an audience in seconds. His disarming and genuine style left a very positive impression on our audience. In a tough political environment like Russia, positive interactions with Americans can have a lasting and powerful impression. We were very pleased with Ravi's skills as a presenter and his sensitivity to cultural differences and highly recommend him.

Magia Krause, Information Resource Officer - US Embassy to Russia
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