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Peter Singer

Technology and Cybersecurity Futurist

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Peter Singer
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The Future of Technology and Geopolitics

Robots, Artificial Intelligence,, Cyberwar, 3D printing, bio-enhancements, and a new geopolitical competition; the 21st century is being shaped by a range of exciting, and scary, new trends and technologies. A best selling author described by the Wall Street Journal as "one of Washington’s pre-eminent futurists," and a consultant for groups that range from the CIA and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs to Hollywood and the Call of Duty video game series, Singer uses a exciting speaking style to explore for an audience the key trends emerging today that will shape the world of technology and security tomorrow.

Cybersecurity and Cyberwar
What Everyone Needs to Know

There is no issue more important and yet less understood today than Cybersecurity. Our entire way of life, from communication to commerce to conflict, fundamentally depends on the Internet. The cybersecurity issues that result literally challenge everyone: politicians who wrestle with issues from cybercrime to online freedom; military generals protecting the nation from new forms of attack, while planning cyberwars,: business executives defending firms from once unimaginable threats, lawyers and ethicists building new framework for right and wrong. Most of all, cybersecurity challenges us as individuals, parents, and citizens. The author of a book described by the chairman of Google as "an essential read" and by the head of NATO as "the most approachable and readable book ever written on the cyber world," Singer takes the audience through the key issues and questions that we all need to better understand: What is happening? What does it mean? And, most importantly, what can we do?

Imagining the Future
Ghost Fleet and Its Real World Lessons

Peter W. Singer is a best selling author and consultant for groups that range from the US military to Hollywood, whose recent book Ghost Fleet ( broke new ground in creating the genre of what has been called "useful fiction." It blended the style of a technothriller with nonfiction style research, leading to a learning experience that is both "a wild book, a real page turner" (the Economist) and "a modern-day successor to tomes such as The Hunt For Red October from the late Tom Clancy" (USA Today), but also packed with lessons of the future of technology, geopolitics, and security. Described by the Wall Street Journal as "one of Washington’s pre-eminent futurists," Singer has been invited to brief the approach and lessons of the book to groups that range from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs to Congress and CEO summits.

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Peter Singer

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